Saturday, October 18, 2008

Trick or Treat

Every year our sunday school class has a Halloween costume party. It's like the main social event of the year. Everyone is pretty serious about there costumes and everyone ALWAYS participates. This year, as you can see me and Adam went pretty traditional. Cowboy and cow girl. We kinda decided our costumes at the last minute and you would know living in this country town we owned these clothes!! Only one exception, Adam's shirt. His shirt would happen to be his brothers, that he wears to sunday church!! No, just kiddin! But indeed that was his bull riding shirt!!!! It was great though, everyone else spent money on there costumes and we just found what was laying around! We really had a great time. We played taboo and when loose or draw. Both games are fun but you sure have to be quick thinking. It seemed like the later it got the more we're easily entertained we wer! I guess it's because we all have kids and we're not used to being out past 8:00 or some of us up past 8:00! .

Brad and Suzanne....Peas and Carrots. Todd and Amanda....Fat plummer and wife



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Rachel said...

Hi abbi, just wanted to let you know we got the comments :) They're just moderated so we have to approve them before they appear!

Not sure if you know this but I'm 35weeks pregnant with our first baby after IVF and failed adoptions :)