Monday, March 30, 2009

Mini vacation and a farewell goodbye!

This past weekend a very close friend of ours invited us to go on mini (free) vacation with them to Savannah, Georgia! We had been planning for a short while but the catch was the FREE word!! FREE, I know how exciting this is sounding to all of you and indeed it was but the catch was.......our friend is the county coroner (he works on dead and he was going to a coroner's convection! He had the room free for the weekend and asked us to join them! We decided what the heck!!! It will be fun to hang out with people that get to work on dead people.....interesting!!! (and that it was!!! but very fun too!) Me, Rob and Traci
This picture is very blury but if you can make out what's in the background it's a hearse!! I'm pretty sure every year at the convention they have this! For kicks they cut the top out of it and raise the flooring up and have tours going around Savannah! They've also cut out the top where you head sticks out and made a roo to go over it!!!! It was too funny!!!!

After we laughed about the hearse for a while we went to a place called Savannah Smiles. It was really neat! It was a dulling piano deal! A guy from our group that we're with thought it would be funny to tell they piano player it was my birthday....... It surely wasn't my Birthday and I new I was about to be completely embarrassed! Let's just say there version of "Happy Birthday is not the tradition version!"He wasn't the cutest thing either!!!!

Saturday we took the day to walk around and enjoy the beautiful scenery!

This was the neatest candy shop! We got to watch them make all kinds of homemade candy!! It was heaven for me!! I LOVE sweets!

This is just looks like a picture without a purpose but it has one! In the middle of that square is an X and on that X you can talk VERY soft and your voice will echo!! If you step off that X just a little it want echo! Only in that one spot!!

The rain came in Saturday night so we ate pizza and watched movies!! RELAXED....kidless!!

Sunday morning we got up and walked around a little more and of course done a little shopping and packed up to head home! We really enjoyed the luggage cart way to much!!!

That afternoon we had a going away party for Adam's cousin John. He's been in school/training for a while to become a border patrol officer! They're moving to New Mexico and will be missed very much! Keep this family in your thoughts and prayers!
Matt, John and Adam

Grammy and the grandbabies!

We had a very busy/fun filled weekend! Hope everyone had a great one too!

Friday, March 27, 2009

A bowl of ceral and a VERY strange spoon!

Last night I was watching tv (not really I was completely asleep) and my hubby is sitting beside me cracking up! He was laughing so hard it woke me up.....and might I add I was VERY upset at that!! I hate to be woke up! Finally, I turned of over to see what he was laughing only find out it was himself! He was eating a bowl of ceral with a spoon, well, of course I know your thinking you eat a bowl of ceral with a spoon but he took it to another level!!! I asked him "what on earth are you doing with that spoon?"

He replied "i couldn't find another one!"

I said "they're in the dishwasher!"

He says "ya, but I like this one!"

That goes on for a minute or two and I still couldn't figure out why the heck he wanted to eat with that spoon, but we did get a good laugh out of it! (And a blog worthy story!!!)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Monday, March 23, 2009

One FINE Day!

Our weekend went by sooo fast! It's like you blink and it's over!
So, Sunday we tried to slow things down a little and take advantage of the beautiful day and have a wonderful little family picnic! We just made sandwiches, grabbed a bag of chips and headed for the grass! No blanket or any specific plans......we just wanted to enjoy the sunlight and some family time!!

I'm so glad it's finally spring!! Warm weather and BRIGHT clothes!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Park Day!

First of all I want to thank all of you for your sweet comments and prayers!! It's great to know I friends hundreds of miles away praying for my sick little one! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Today Kennedy was feeling MUCH better! NO fever in 2 days!! Yeppy! Still not 100% but each day improves! We decided to head to the park today, figured it would be good to get some sunshine and play a little!

Kennedy and Anna

After the park we headed home and Kennedy crashed did mommy!!! Gosh it's sooooo much fun but it's A LOT of work!!!

I didn't feel like cooking so we (the parents and my friend Traci over at Raising Roberson's joined us too!) decided to head to the Okey! We seen some of our park buddies there also so i'm guess they were beat too! Traci, Payne, Bennet, me, Kennedy, EmmaRae and Grandaddy. Lets just say people were looking at us funny with ALL of these babies!! Kennedy and Daddy (this is his go-to smile!)Grandaddy and the girls!

This is just a tid bit of a side has nothing to do with my day or the park! I'm going to post this picture and I want to know if you see/notice anything in common?

Kennedy and Daddy have the same hair line!!!! I was looking threw my pictures and noticed this!!! Kennedy it looks like you got daddy's hair line!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Four VERY LONG nights!

What started out to be a normal Friday (yay.....the weekend) and being totally excited that we're going to have great weather and a fun filled time then..........Friday Kennedy got REALLY sick! It started around midnight! We put her to bed like normal and she woke up around midnight burning up with a 102 fever! She woke up every 30 minutes after that! She was a VERY sick little girl! So, Saturday we had to head the doctor! When we got there her fever was was really high! She ended up having the croup!! YUCK right? Poor thing everytime she coughed she would cry! It was so sad! The doctor told me it would probably be a couple more sleepless nights but by the 2nd night it should get better! They ended up giving her a shot and we were on our way...........(after she threw up all in the lobby!! All over me, her and the floor!)
Sataruday night came around and we tried just letting her sleep in the bed with us (I know you should never do that but when she's sick we do allow it!) but her fever was still so high would toss and turn so much that we NONE could get comfortable! So, this is what we resorted to!!!

Camping out in the living room!!! It worked out much better except for my doesn't think so!

Sunday she acted a little better. The fever was down to 101.4. Much better than 102. We decided to go grab some dinner and see how she done!

Yep, this is Cracker Barrel! You can't beat the fun, family atmoshpere! She acted fine, much better actually.

Sunday night she started feelng bad again! Her fever had went up again 102 AGAIN!

First thing Monday morning I call the doctor.......again (and you know how they kinda make you feel your being over protective and just stupid for calling??!!) well they did want to see her again because of the high fever!

They come to the conclusion she had a viral infection! Meaning there is NOTHING they can do or give her! Just "let it run its course!" The famous words of a doctor you hate to hear!! Headed home again with NO real answers I feel like! I just feel like a viral infection is something they tell us they have because they can't figure out what's going on so they say "yep, viral again!!!" It kinda ticks me off!

Anyways, we had 2 more rough nights and finally last night we got A LITTLE sleep!

Let me add real quick her daddy dressed her for bed lastnight......see how the prints match REAL! Anyways, I hope she's on the road to recovery! We had 4 VERY LONG nights!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

I REALLY feel like a mommy!

Last Wednesday me and Kennedy went to the park with a few moms (and friends) from our town. They've kinda got together and declared one day a week "park day!" I'm pretty sure it varies every week on the day but it just happened to fall on my day off this past week! It's a great way to meet other parents and kids! It's also neat to be around a bunch of moms because you learn we all share all the same circumstances, situations, funny/terrifying stories and many other's kinda comforting!
I REALLY feel like a mommy!!!!!.......Wednesday I kinda discovered a new me! Well, not a really new me .....just a me that feels complete! As a child my mom always done these sorts of play dates with other mommy's and outings so she could have interaction with other adults (because she stayed at home) and so I could get to know other kids and with me going to the felt SO adult! (Do you know what I mean?) I just really feel like i'm a mommy now! I'm doing mommy activities and loving EVERY minute of it!
Anyways, these are just a few pictures from Wednesday! My mom has some really great shots but she couldn't figure how to send them without it taking forever. So, I only have a few from her and I had a few!
Cousing Kate and KennedyThose were few from her camera.
Here are some I snapped!
Kate and Kennedy Jobeth and Reese! (I do have to add......Reese was probably by far the dirtiest baby there! She
still the cutest thing ever!!!!!) Hedi and her little girl, Payne and Reese. I would love to know what these two Taylor girls are thinking .......or should I saying scheming up???!!!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wordless Wednesday!

Kennedy got a new toy......a rockin' horse! She Loves it!