Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Monday, February 22, 2010

Weekend Happenings!

This weekend was a wonderful weekend! Great weather and lots of family time!
Saturday I worked for the first part of the day and the second enjoyed dinner and a little shopping with my parents!
Since, Adam has been gone the majority of the time I spend is hanging out with my mom and dad! I'm very close with them so we pretty been doing everything together. Not to mention they help me out A LOT with Kennedy!
We first had dinner!

Tried to get a picture together but she refused to look at the camera!!

Looking so grown up!
After a wonderful dinner we went over to Hobby Lobby! I LOVE this store! I've been slowly redecorating my house and I had a few things in mind that I wanted to get! While browsing around stumbled across this section.......
Woooohooo! Jackpot! Got a few things I needed and for a great deal too!
In the process of hanging (well, my mom)them up. I'll post some pics of my great deals when I get them on the wall!
I had been in NEED of some new tennis shoes......NEED!!! Meaning I think the last pair I had bought was 3 years ago! YIKES!! Rack room had, had them bogo!! Yay! I thought I would get a pair and Kennedy some sandals for the summer! Thought was the key word! I ended up with these.......
Great deal and I love them!
And Kennedy had a fit for these......
YIKES!! These green frog sandals! She picked them out and wore them all over the store! There was NO putting them back! Not what I had in mind but she loves them!
Sunday morning Granny Shirley cooked breakfast to celebrate Brittany's (my niece) 16Th Birthday! Granny Shirley doesn't just cook small she goes all out! It was super yummy!!
Happy Birthday Brittany!

Kennedy and Kate

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

We're home!!

I have never wanted to be somewhere I wasn't so much until now! After a wonderful long weekend with my hubby I realized that I never want to ever be apart again! Man this is hard! We had such a blast but a had a little thought in the back of my head the whole weekend that it would all be over in just a few short days! I don't want to sound like Betty blues because we had such a great time but I just wasn't ready to come home! God has blessed with him/us with this job opportunity and I am VERY grateful but I'm just praying for strength through the rest of the time he has apart from us!

OK, now that i have been somewhat depressing I will move on to the good stuff!
First of all let me say.....Kennedy was AWESOME!! She done great. She didn't cry or complain not one time! If it wasn't for those wonderful DVD players (thanks Grammy for that Christmas gift!) I don't know what we would've done! I never would have thought she would have done that great riding in her car seat across the world! That was a blessing in its self!

On the way, we saw several hundreds of miles of snow! I mean it covered states!!
It was gorgeous but freezing! We didn't stop to get any pictures because Kennedy was doing so well we didn't want to interrupt that! These were taking from the car!
The closer we got to Oklahoma the more excited I got! It was like meeting Adam on the first date! I felt like a teenager all over again!
Kennedy's reaction was priceless! All she could say was "DADDY!!" She was SO happy to see him!
This is when we first got there! It was snowing!

We got to have a lot of family time but Adam also had A LOT of studying to do! He had a huge map test that probably had 2,000 (not really sure the exact number but it looked scary hard to me) symbols, lines and numbers on it!
This is just one chapter of a class!!! YIKES!!!
Because it was so cold outside we spent a lot of time indoors just having some cuddling and family time! And we hung out at McDonald's because they had an awesome playground!

Not sure why Kennedy kept putting these stickers on her face!!!
While we were there on the 2ND day she got SUPER sick with a cold, cough and fever! We took her to the doctor and he said it happens a lot with the climate change!! Got her some meds and on the road to recovery!

Thanks to my parents we got to spend some alone time together and have a wonderful Valentine's dinner and movie date! Thanks mom and dad!
This picture was taken right before we headed home! It was a tearful hello and goodbye!!
I miss him so much already and look forward to our next trip!
I cried until about Georgia....when we got to stop at an outlet mall! That was my only drive for going home!!
Back to work tomorrow and I'm actually looking forward to it!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

New cup, dress and a New look for Mommy!

Well, like a said a few post back not too much going on in the Taylor home just being busy at work and being mommy! I do think I'm getting into the swing of things of doing everything alone. It's still hard but I'm adjusting!

On another note, we are successfully off of the bottle!! I know you're probably thinking Kennedy was a little old for a bottle but she had some serious attachment issues to it. I finally decided it was time to let it go! After 2 hours of crying she finally new I wasn't giving in and took her cup!! SUCCESS!! It was SUPER hard for me doing it alone but Adam talked me through it the whole time and reminded I am the parent not the I forget!!

Kennedy and her new big girl cup!! (she refers to it as her big girl bottle!)
This was at church Sunday morning. Me and my mom teach the 1yr. old Sunday school class and boy are they active...but fun!
Since we weren't going to be here for Valentine's Day she wore her Valentine's dress to church that her Grammy made for her!

Hunter and Kennedy

She was loving some chocolate chip cookies!
I had been trying to grow my hair out for the past um.....I would say year and it wasn't working for me! After I had Kennedy my hair thinned out A LOT!! I mean A LOT! So, I decided I wasn't completely happy with it all and went for a change! After all, I am a hairstylist I'm suppose to have fun, crazy and different hair (I'm really not the crazy type though!! pretty conservative!).

Shorter and a little different color!! MUCH less drying and styling time too!
We leave to go see my hubby bright and early in the morning. (insert a huge smile on my face!) Pray that we'll have a safe trip and keep in mind I'll be traveling with a 2yr old and 20 hours in a car! Praise the Lord my parents are being our chauffeur (and a babysitter so me and my sweetie can have date night!) so that will be a huge help!
Not sure if I'll be blogging but will have tons of pics to post when I get back!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Look Out D.I.Y.!!!

We have been in our new house for a year now and I have yet to decide how I wanted my decor to be! I find myself loving a wide variety of styles and colors! I would say vintage(with color if that makes since?!) and with a country twist is what I find myself going toward most! A country twist meaning older but not too country but not modern!!
My mom is quite the decorator (praise the Lord because I have NO clue how to put things together) so since my hubby has been gone we have been adding some spice and color into the Taylor house hold and D. I. Y. ing it up! We have transformed some new and old pieces and made them flow a little better in our home and trying to make it feel comfortable and welcoming! It has been such a great project that me and my mom have enjoyed doing and I think that i have found a new LOVE for house decor!!
Project #1- These picture frames in my hall were black and i wanted to add some color to the area...brighten it up a little. I decided to spray paint them red!! It made it much brighter and changed the look of the of the space!
Project #2- I had this cute little hutch/not really sure what to call it thing and it was a cream colored....well, it matched my house but it was pretty boring looking! i had, had some red spray paint left over (from the picture frames) and i decided what the heck....paint it red!!! Well, i wasn't too sure about the whole thing red so, to add a little more spice to it i painted some of it green!

Project #3- My mom had this old wooden bench on her front porch that had be there for years and I needed another piece of furniture to add to my living room and she suggested us use it and kinda refurbish it! She made a seat cushion out of an old camo out door cushion and covered it with some great fabric!!

The finished product of both!! It definitely added some color and spice to my living room! Our next project will be the other side of the living room!! lol!!

Other than redecorating my house we haven't been doing much!! What we've done most is this:

Chatting with daddy as much as we can! Thankfully we leave in about a week to go and see him!!

This past weekend we did go to a baby shower for a dear friend of ours! Baby Annaleece is coming into the world very soon! Praying for mommy and daddy!! EmmaRae and Kennedy