Monday, October 27, 2008

Not so bad!

I work half days on Mondays, so I decided to take advantage of the opportunity and started to pack. If you don't know we're building a house and we're almost finished! It's so exciting! The not so exciting part is what I have to do now! I do look at it as an opportunity to get rid of some uneeded clutter!

So, I picked Kennedy up from her babysitter and I kinda felt myself dragging along......dragging along because I new what an ordeal it would be to start packing! I was trying to narrow down the area I would need least. So, I started with the! Now some of you are thinking that, that would be last, but not for me!! I really don't cook much and prefer dinning out! (then I don't have to clean up) No, I do really love a home cooked meal I just need to make more time to do it! I just stand on my feet all day and it's an easy excuse just for me to say "i'm to tired"...then I justify the situation and say "i've been on my feet all day!" OK, anyways back to the packing! That made my decision, I started in the kitchen! I had NO idea I had so many kitchen utensils. I've been married for almost 4 years and I really had know clue of how many cool things I had! I found a brand new set of baking pans in my laundry room,(I guess i was putting them up for a rainy day!)I found a blender that had never been open, I found a chopper and again never had been opened and brand new set of silverware! I felt like it was Christmas all over again. Well, not really, it was exciting but not like a sale at American!!

While I was packing Kennedy was just having a blast! She climbed in and out of the cabnets and on the tops of boxes!! If you look closely the red box is the new set of baking pans!It ended being not so bad!!!


Rebecca Taylor said...

I love finding stuff around the house that I forgot I had!!! It's the best!

Amanda-The Family News! said...

Thank you for visiting my blog!!! Your little girl is adorable!!! I love following along with babies who are the same age as mine!!!

I don't cook either... thankfully Brian does that! I am a neat freak - or so I try - so I will clean up the kitchen, but cook? Nope!!

Baseballs and Tutu's said...

Saw you over on Amanda's blog and saw you had a baby girl too. After three boys we were finally blessed with PINK! It's so much fun!!!! Kennedy is such a doll! Hope you don't mind if I stop have a beautiful family!

Lindsey said...

I don't cook either and I def prefer to dine out too for that very same reason!

Hollie said...

you best me dusting off those pots and pans my dear b/c we're gonna take turns cooking!
fire up that new oven of yours!

AmyThompson said...

That is always the best - finding things you forgot about!!! Kennedy is so cute - she reminds me of the kiddos they LOVE climbing in the cabinets!