Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Amy!

Today is my favorite sister's Birthday! I won't mention her age....she might hurt!
We (me, my mom and her) celebrated it today!
We had a complete girls day!
The morning started off at the mall, an early movie then time for some lunch and back for a little more shopping!
Oh how I LOVE sister time. It doesn't get to happen as much I would like it to (part of the reason is because of kids and lack there of time!) but when it does I cherish these moments. We always have a blast and laugh way too much!

I love you sissy and Happy Birthday!
The Birthday Girl! Right before the movie!
We seen Date was HILARIOUS!!
Then to olive garden where we at way too much!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Not just any perm's a musical one!

A few days ago Kennedy was playing with some old perm rods at immediate thought came into my head "aw...she might be a hairdresser like mommy!" I was SO proud! Well, she's been playing with them everyday, so we brought them home because it was easier than telling her NO. She's been playing with them everyday moving them from one container to another. No, not trying to put them into dolls hair or anything that would make sense!
That continued for a few days...until Grammy and Grandaddy came over one night!
Then the perm rods became a musical instrument! Not really what I had in mind! She began to blow on them like they were a flute! I have NO clue where this came from. It was completely random!

The instrument!

Not only was she into it...she made grandaddy do it too!

I never new perm rods could be so entertaining! lol! Next time theirs a dull moment you know what I'm pulling out! Old faithful perm rods!!
After about 30 minutes of that she moved on to tent building!

This is just a picture of Kennedy headed off to work with mommy!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Fun Times

Just a little randomness.......
These just a few snapshots of Kennedy playing with her animals and babies! She has a slight obsession right now of lining things up! Can you tell? lol!

Sunday morning I was getting ready and little miss walked out of her room and looked like this! She reminded me of a 80s dancer!

Today she had her 2yr. old checkup....and yes she has been 2 sense January I'm just a little behind (well a lot behind!)
Anyways, everything is perfect! Growing like a weed and speaking like a 3yr old! The doctor was pretty impressed! Kennedy had a full conversation with her. The best part about the visit was NO shots!! YAY!!

Me and Kennedy are counting down the days! 19 more!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Disney on Ice

I'm little behind these days....not only in blogging, pretty much in everything I do!!

I've got the countdown going! Only 3 more weeks until my hubby returns home! YAY!! If you could only see the smile (HUGE) on my face right now!

OK, onto business!

Last Friday night we went to our first Disney on Ice! Kennedy/Mommy LOVED it! She was amazed and amused. She sat through the entire performance. Even with a little sugar overloaded (due to eating a huge bag of cotton candy in which mommy helped out!) she was still and didn't even ask to go home! We (insert "I") can't wait to go back next year!

Ne mo (not sure if that's the correct way to spell but that's what spell check says!!) has become part of the family! She pretty much keeps him in the car whenever we go somewhere! Daddy doesn't know bout the new edition! LOL!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wordless Wednesday!

1st trip to the beach of 2010!

It's slightly more pleasant this year...due to the fact that she is getting older!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Weekend!

I really thought this Easter would be a downer with Adam being gone and me having to do everything alone...well, not alone I had Kennedy but it's still not the same without Adam! Anyways, it really was a GREAT Easter! The weather was perfect and the family time was awesome!
Saturday,we started off with a tradition that we do with our friends. We always have a little kid egg hunt in the afternoon and a big kid egg hunt at night. Flash light egg hunt! My friend Traci started this last year and it will be an on going tradition!
Getting ready to go on the search!

She loved hunting eggs and it was great practice for the upcoming hunts!

Kennedy and Papa T.

Me and Mom
At church Sunday she got to hunt eggs once again! She carried around her basket all morning!

Sunday afternoon we spent Easter with my Mom's extended family! All 16 great grands were able to attend!

Me and Ames

All dressed up but that doesn't stop her from wanting to get dirty with cousin Christian!

Or eating this nice blue cup-cake!

Then she was completely wore out! She took a good little snooze in the swing and then was revived for the egg hunt!

The kids lining up...not all are pictured!

What a great Easter!
He's ALIVE!!
Hope everyone had a great one!