Saturday, October 25, 2008

My trade mark trash!

Like my sis in-law (all things in moddy-Hollie) I use my receipts, bills or just whatever I can get my hands on in the car to blot my lips. These sheets of paper came out of the compartment beside my door! That's where I store all of my blotting paper. I really thought I was a secret lip paper blotter!! I'm driving down the road and reapplying my lip gloss (which happens to be estee lauder amethyst at the moment), then I immediately start searching for some random paper, not even caring what it is so I can have a quick blot of the lips! It's such a relieving feeling! If your not a blotter I highly recommend it! It spares some unwanted lip gloss or stick to the teeth and saves some great embarrassment. So try it out!!
It seems me and my sis in-law think A LOT alike!!


Rebecca Taylor said...

That is so funny!

MiMi said...

I am a blotter, too! Maybe we should start a support group for secret lip blotters!

It must be such fun for both you and Hollie to be sister-in-laws!

Lindsey said...


Candice McCoy said...

I might have to try blotting now...I definitely always have that "excess lip gloss problem!"
Thanks so much for following my blog! I just became a follower of yours. Can't wait to read more:)