Friday, February 11, 2011

Round our house.

Not too much going on in Taylor ville lately.
Just pretty much work and hanging around the house then repeat!

I haven't shared this yet but recently we have found out Kennedy has many food allergies. It started the week after Christmas. I noticed her cheeks looked more flushed than normal, then she started breaking out in these weird rashes (which were hives) and these symptoms would come in go very quick. I made a doctors appointment immediately and they had said it definitely is a food allergy. They sent us to have blood work done and come to find out she's allergic to wheat, peanuts, egg whites and all diary products. Her wheat and peanut allergy is very mild but the diary and egg white is a class 2. Meaning she breaks out in hives every time she eats it. We have limited her wheat intake because EVERYTHING has wheat in it. It's almost impossible to eliminate wheat ALL together. We have been to several health food stores and have gotten things wheat and gluten free like her snacks. We have eliminated all diary, peanut and egg whites from her diet and it seems to be working. Hopefully she'll grow out of this terrible allergy. Praise the Lord she has adapted VERY well and will even ask me sometimes "mommy can I have this or does it have egg in it?!". She double!
At first I was a little down about this but I'm SO glad it's something minor and she could very well grow out of it. The Lord opened my eyes up very fast and I'm so blessed that it wasn't something major.

Headed to Church Wednesday night sporting her Valentines wear!

I'm off work for a whole week. I'm SO excited. I can't remember the last time I've been off work for a complete week. I plan to do nothing, nothing and more of nothing (maybe a little blogging!).
Have a great weekend!