Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Almost ready to move in!

Yes, that's carpet samples! Lastnight we took a journey to lowes to pick out our carpet. That just means one step closer to moving in! Me not knowing anything about a house or picking things out thought it would be a 20 minute process. Well, I was wrong! Of course being a girl I start picking out the ones I thought was pretty or I liked the color. I've learned that it's much harder and way more detail! It had to be a certain fabric and then the twist count and the weight and so on....! I was starting to get overwhelmed! Not to mention you always have those over eager salesmen who try to get you to buy everything and the extended warranty. Well after searching for a while we finally found the one! There it was......a short shag.......soft......just what we've been looking for. Then for the next step, the color! OMG, I never new there were so many. Talking about being overwhelmed! I ALWAYS get nervous when it comes to picking out colors for things so permant. Well, we just went with something natural. So now maybe in a week or two we'll get to move in!