Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Something SO simple

Tonight we had church and our pastor preached on Bible verse that was so simplistic and basic. It's a Bible verse that we've all heard growing up in Sundsy School and Vacation Bible school. John 3:16 "For God so love the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him, should not perish but have everlasting life."(New King James) This Bible verse i've heard so many times and never really put a lot of thought into it. Our pastor broke it down for us tonight and gave me a whole different look about it! I'm not to good with reading between the lines but I think now i'll read more into scripture than I normally do. Here are the three points he broke it down to.
1. God's love is GREAT
2. God's love is ETERNAL
3. God's love is GIVING

The second and third point really hit me hard! You know how when your sitting in the pew and you feel like he's preaching right at he knows your doubts and cocerns. Or when you literally feel like God's tapping you on the shoulder!?? That's the way I felt tonight! God's love is ETERNAL...sometimes that phrase is hard for me to grasp! He loves ME!!!! He loves me NO matter what!!! I doubt myself in so many ways that I forget how much he cares about me and that i'm not here on this earth for ME and i'm here for him! .....And God's love is GIVING! He wasn't talking about giving in the sense, of giving to one another or just giving your tithe. He was talking about GIVING in relationships......a relationship with HIM (God). I'm so terrible about devoting my time to family, work, church...and so on....that I sometime forget to just give God time! I feel like I get so caught up in everyday lif I forget to GIVE to someone who has BLESSED me with the gift of LIFE! That's me goal, to know that God loves me ETERNALLY and to GIVE time and effort with my relationship with Christ!

On another subject, me and Kennedy went to target (my favorite store) today to pick up some odd and ends, formula and some other unnecessary items of course. While I was browsing through her clothes I placed her on the floor ( I know some of yall are thinking that's so unsanitary, but she was miserable in the stroller) next to a small shelf, which of course she immediatly pulls up on it and walks around it holding on. Well, I looked over and she let go! She's always standing up and letting go, but this time she starts walking! She took like 4 steps then crashed! It was so exciting! What made it even more it exciting was she had a bib that said born to shop and you would know her first real steps was while we were shopping!!! It really made my day!!


Hollie said...

Way to go Kennedy! We'll always remember that you took you're first steps in Target! ha, funny!
Like mother like daughter.

Lindsey said...

Love your blog!

MiMi said...

How cute that she took her first steps in a Target store! A girl after my own heart!

AmyT said...

ahh a girl after my own heart!!! muuaahh