Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanks giving

So, i'm a few days behind but I had a wonderful Thanks giving! Thanks giving is always so busy I sometimes forget what the holiday is about and what it means. Then I started thinking I really have so much to be thankful for.
I'm thankful for:
A Jesus that always forgives and has saved my soul.
A wonderful husband, that words don't say enough.
A beautiful HEATHLY little girl.
A family who supports me NO matter what and loves me for who I am.
A brand new house that God has provided me with.
Many friends that help me along the way through valleys and rejoice with me through the mountain tops.
And a Daddy that has battle with a terrible disease but is still ALIVE today!
I really have so much to be thankful for and this doesn't even put a dent into how God has blessed me and my family. Thanks giving is always one of my favorite holidays (the food!!!) but,I always try to take a moment and give thanks to the one who has provided for me!

Speaking on food, this is just one counter top of dishes of food that we ate!

Kennedy LOVED the tea!(as you can see on her shirt!)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

ALWAYS go with your gut feeling!

I've learned today that mom's have a gut feeling for a reason! I new there was more to Kennedy's cold than just a cold! I had this feeling that it was worsening and it had developed into more! After a long sleepless night once again, I woke up this morning and immediately called the doctor! I told them all of Kennedy's symptoms and she said "ya, she needs to be seen."

When I arrived at the doctors office I new it was going to be a long wait! After all, it was a holiday weekend so, after today they were going to be closed. The nurse finally called Kennedy's name and we're off to the room. She started going over symptoms and what was wrong with Kennedy then she takes a look at the paper work and says "is she here for a check up?" I looked at her (with kinda a strange look) and said, "no, she went to the doctor Saturday and she's not making any progress and the doctor told me to let it run its course." The nurse replies "well it says here that Kennedy had an upper respiratory infection and some kind of throat issue ( I can't remember what it's called)." I looked at her again strangely and replied "oh, well they didn't tell me that or give us any antibiotics." The nurse just looks at me like uh-oh, they made an mistake!

So, after waiting in the room for nearly an hour the doctor comes in and gives Kennedy a good examination. She looks in her ears, throat, listens to her chest and gives me look like there is something wrong. She has a double ear infection and has pneuma. I wanted to bust out in tears! I was there by myself and i'm thinking our child is going to die! OK, maybe i'm a LITTLE extreme, but still it's pretty serious! The doctor gave her a breathing treatment, and sent us home with this cool little machine and we have to do them every 4 hours! As for her ears she has an antibiotic for them as well!

Lesson learned, ALWAYS go with you gut instinct with your children. 90% of the time your right! If the darn doctor would have payed more attention Saturday and I would have been more persistent this would not have happened! Don't let them intimidate you, you know your child better than them!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Lingering cold

I would say that today was a typical Monday! Stressful! NO sleep, running late, forgot to charge the cell phone, had nothing to wear and then I couldn't find Kennedy's shoe! So on top of all of that, for the past three weeks my little has had a cold and we took her to the doctor once again, and of course they said "can't really find anything wrong, lets just let it run its course.

Well, you know what i'm about sick of hearing that! I would say we're up every hour last night with her coughing, her nose pouring and with her just being miserable. So, I vowed I would give it one more day of "it running its course" and then some doctor is going to hear an upset mother Tuesday moring! Please pray that she'll get better!
Me rambling about a minor cold and how terrible it is, i'm truely blest! My husbands high school friend and his wife just recently had a baby and was diagnoed with cystic fibrosis! He's 4 weeks old! Please pray for them. This is there first child and they're scared! Adam, also has another friend that has a 2 week old who just had open heart surgery. The left side of they heart isn't functioning. Please keep these two little ones in your prayers. It's the Miller and Warren families.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Growinp up to fast

We have our internet now!!! I'm so excited!

The past 3 weeks Kennedy has been taking a few steps here and there, letting go of things and walking to and from. Well, last week she started full on walking! I'm really not ready for her to be walking yet! She doesn't seem like she's a baby anymore. I do have to say it's really cute because she's still so chunky and when she walks she has this little shake to her. I love it! It's really bitter sweet I tell ya!
These are just a few random pics from last week and this week!


Tuesday night I attended LNO (ladies night out) for he first time with my sis in-law and Jobeth. Let me just say, what an inspiration Rhonda is (she leads LNO). I had such a great time. It's so nice to spend time with mothers and realize we all something in common. The well being of our children.
Rhonda spoke on many different points but what spoke to me the most was her determination and consistency. Parenting isn't easy but it has to be consistent. She taught many methods of how to be consistent on discipline your children on in these situations:
-like how to behave a restaurant
-riding in the car
-fighting with others
-respecting adults

These are just a few point she discussed but each point was handled with great coaching, role playing and parenting skills. She taught us how to speak to our children without ALWAYS having to raise our voice and explaining the situation instead of just punishing the child. She also told us it's ok to have a bad day and to get upset but then you turn it over to the Lord.

Rhonda is such an inspiration and I know only God has given her this gift to speak to women! I found myself saying I wish this was once a week instead of once a month. She challenged me to be a better mother and wife!

Monday, November 17, 2008


I've slightly busy moving last week and this weekend I haven't had time to blog! I found myself having blogging withdraws! Not to mention we haven't had our internet hooked up yet so I'm blogging from work. (with NO spell check so sorry for the errors!)
Speaking of hooking things up.....we moved into our new house without a stove, microwave, refrigerator and washer and dryer without them being hooked up! It's all in the house just not hooked up! Lastnight I made a trip to the local gas station and do you know I spent $20 on junk food?! Who spends $20 on junk?!!!! I got the essentials candy bars, coke and some purple skittles! (Right Hollie!) Sense our refrigerator wasn't ready I didn't have a place to store our drinks so my husband says this moring "hey, you want your coke?" I say "ya" and he walks outside and it was on the front porch! He says "what it was cold lastnight so I left them outside so they would stay cold!" Gotta love a man who is pratical!
We've been living out of boxes and suitcases but I wouldn't have it any other way!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Yesterday, I turned the big 2-4! I know it doesn't sound old but time sure does fly by! I really didn't do to much but my mom always cooks me a birthday dinner and it was awesome.
We had cake, steak, cake, mac n cheese, (my favorite) and did I say CAKE!! If you really know me you know I LOVE CAKE! I would have rather had the cake than the food! Not to mention it was old school feti.....that's my favorite too! It was the best birthday dinner ever!
My hubby sent me these beautiful flowers at work, and if you've ever gotten flowers at work you feel so special.
Today me and the girls from work went to the town center to do a little shopping for my birthday. Of course I had to pick up something for the little one and I think I bought her as much as I bought myself!
I love these! I can't wait to squeeze her chubby self in them!!
Us girls from work and Traci.

We not only ate at the cheesecake factory for lucnh we made a second round for cheesecake AGAIN! We figured we walked off the first set of calories so would could eat dessert again!

I want give a special thanks to my sissy Amy (Time with the Thompson's and she's on my blog) who wrote this beautiful poem for my birthday. She has to be the bestest sissy in the world! I love her sooooo much!!! Thanks Amy!!!! I love you!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Jam packed weekend

At the Mill House!!

Me and Hollie
Rob and Traci
Hollie and Matt

After a long hard week of work we (Me, Adam, Hollie, Matt, Rob and Traci) managed to get babysitters and go out to dinner!! Me and Hollie both have little girls and our friend Traci has triplets!

Small briefing about Traci! She's one of my best friends! She's awesome! Her and Rob (her husband) had been trying to have a baby for 8 years and wasn't successful. They have a little boy who is 11 but couldn't conceive another child. They prayed about for several monthe and decided to seek out other options. Traci new that God had a plan and she new he was going to bless her and her family. Little did she know it was three little angles and not just one!!! They began IBF last year and now she has 6 month old healthy triplets. Two boys and one girl.

OK back to Friday night, it was an adult night. We went to the Mill House, which has to be my favorite's the best! After we ate we had to make a trip to Walmart, and we all know you can go out and not go to!

I really had a jam packed weekend! I also had to attend wedding Saturday night. It was so beautiful. I love to go to weddings! I sat in the pew and about cried through the whole thing. I'm so emotional! I'm such a sucker for a love story.

Anyways, it was a lot of fun because a lot of people I graduated high school was there. (all of 9 people! We only had a class of like 93 where I graduated high school!!) It was neat catching up on old times!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

One step backwards!

Thank you all so much for your great advice about the sleeping issue! I really appreciate it!

Unfortunalely, I didn't get to try any of the methods that were suggested yet because Kennedy got sick. We've had revival this past week (which was absolutely amazing.) and some little kid had the viral plague and it spread through the nursery like wild fire. Let me tell you what I can't stand! I can't stand when I finally get Kennedy over a runny nose and I take her to the church nursery (which you think is the safest place to take a child and not to get sick, but let me tell you it's NOT!) and there's always the ONE baby that's sick!! ALWAYS! It never fails, when the wind blows my child is going to catch it! I promise we've been to the doctor 5 times in the past 2 months with colds and fever! This is what they told me to do this time.....because she didn't have a fever and her ears were clear (praise the Lord for that one.) we think it should run its course! In other words lets just make you and the baby suffer for the next week!! LOL!! Has anyone had a doctor tell them that? I know yall have but it's just annoying! I can't stand when my baby's sick! Mean while, she's got this terrible cough that sounds like a grown man hacking up a lung! (great description uh??!!)

So, lets just say that the sleeping issue has only worsened! We'll start(AGAIN) trying to get her out of that habbit when she gets better!!
Thanks again for all of your advice and encouragement. It's great to know they're other parents facing (or have faced) the same issues I am! It's reassuring! That's whats great about the blog world....I love it!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

If only my child would sleep!

If only my child would sleep I would...

Get up for work on time.
I would be able to take a bath, but because i'm normally running late I don't get a chance to bathe. So, only a splash of body spray and to work I go. (stinky and all)
I wouldn't need 3 cups of coffee to get the day started.
I wouldn't be crabby Abbi.
I would be refreshed and energized ready to start the day.

What I've learned......

I can function on 4 hours of sleep.
I can make it through the day with caffeine!!
It's not her fault and not to take it out on her.
I love her NO matter what!
That mother hood is the best and hardest thing in my life and I wouldn't trade it for the world!

I love my sweet angel soooo much but I do wish she would sleep! I've change her routine thinking something was throughing her off! I've tried letting her cry it out, believe me I want do that again! She cried until she threw up!! Literally!! It was a mess!! White curded milk every where!! I really just don't know what to do so any advice who be greatly appreciated!!! Motherhood is precious, but can be quite difficult at time!!
So pray for my little and our family!! We need sleep!!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Now, I know all of you are thinking that this looks just like my old high school pic.! Maybe early 90's or late 80's!I looked back at my sis old senior pick and realized we really look alike!! Lets see, what makes this picture obvouis???!!!

1. The hair!!! I really enjoyed creating the hair! I never really got to style my hair this way so it was pretty fun to me! Lots of hair spray!!!

2. The smiley faced t-shirt. Now I know that everyone has had one or a ying yang shirt!

3. The scrunchy pulling the shirt to the side! I think I did have one in every color growing up!

4. The socks!! Need I say more??? I'm suprised we didn't have circulation issues from wearing so many pairs at one time!

5. The pants!! I had leggings, tights, stirrup pants, and biker shorts to match everything!

6. The makeup!! Who could resist that blue eyeshadow and that pink lipstick!

7. DID I MENTION THE HAIR!! That had to be my favorite part!

I forgot to mention we dressed up at work for Halloween!! We really had a great time! All of my clients really got a kick out of it!!! The other girls I work with dressed up as a nerd, an old lady and Fran Dresser's mom off of the Nanny!

Kennedy's first Halloween was kinda a let down! I forget she's really not at the age where it's easy! She hated her costume! She started the night off being a cowgirl! She had a cap gun, boots (which were her daddy's from when he was a baby!), a skirt, hat and this really cute western style shirt! Lets just say she kept kicking the boots off and taking her hat off! To me thats what made the costume! Then we headed off to a hay ride with aunt Hollie, Kate and uncle Matt! That was a disaster! It was freezing. I just by the end of the night she was going to have some kind of sickness. So, we opted to ditch the hay ride (so did aunt Hollie and family) and to head back to where the food was! It really wasn't practical for a baby anyway! We made a quick pit stop and done a quick costume change and Kennedy turned into a Ladybug! My wonderful sissy (Amy) had bought it for her, but I didn't think it was going to be cold enough considering last Halloween it was 85 degrees here! So, it ended up being perfect! I put it on her and got a few picks of her first Halloween!

All in all, it ended being a great day and we had a blast!