Friday, January 30, 2009

I got an award!

I want to give a special thanks to Candice from brand new side walk for this wonderful award! I always enjoy reading her blog and she always has the neatest post!! Thanks again Candice!
I want to pass this award on to:
1. Amy T- although she's my sister I really enjoy her blogs! She starts each blog out with a title and the title always is a song! It's very neat and I always get a kick out of them!
2. Hollie- I think I normally log on to her blog then sign in, because it's always so much fun to read!
3. Mandy Rose- I love your blog Mandy!!! We have soooo much in common and I feel like I know you!!
4. Amanda/ Family News- My little girl and hers are only a few weeks apart and it's neat to share topics and see how much they have in common!
5. Petrii- She's always soooo sweet and leaves the best comments! Thank you!
6. Katie Lake- your blog too!! You always have the coolest topics!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I've been tagged!

I've been tagged by Candice from brand new sidewalk!! Thank you Candice!
The rules:
1. Go to your pics, pick the 6th folder and the 6th pic.
2. Tell who and what.
3. Pick 6 people.

Wow this is a really old picture! This is me and Traci riding the 4 wheeler! Dirty South Style!!! Good times!!

Now for the 6 people...........I tag......Amy, Katie Lake, Jobeth, Hollie, Mandy Rose and Traci.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Very First!

Last night I was in the kitchen washing dishes (not really dishes just bottles) that's pretty much my nightely routine and Adam gives Kennedy a bath! (he's the best!! He always bathes her and gets her ready for bed!) All of a sudden Adam screams "Abbi, come here and hurry!" Some random thoughts run through my head like, great she has a new rash or she's bleading (I know that's a bit extreme, but you have to understand my husband don't scream for me ever!!! He can pretty much handle anything). I walk into the bathroom thinking the worse and find this:
I walk in and Adam is laughing and not to mention really excited and he says, " look, it's Kennedy's first pig tails!!" I laughed so hard! Then I thought to myself.......i'm the hair dresser right???!!!!......and why didn't I think of that??!! I know's because i'm to concerned with bathing her, and having everything just so........ that I need to learn to chill out and relax! That's why daddy does night time!! Thank you to daddy who knows how to kick back and enjoy bath time and not to be so hard core!! We love you daddy!!!

I think she has more hair on the sides of her head than the top!!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Birthday mom!

I should get the biggest slacker award because i haven't posted in a while! I'm pretty excited though because i've gotten 2 awards sense i've last blogged!! yeppy!!! That's what my next post will be about!!
Saturday night me and my whole family went to outback for my mothers 55th birthday! (mom don't be mad about me telling everyone how old you are!)Happy Birthday mommy! I love you very much and you mean the world to me! Ok.....back to Saturday night..... We rarely get a chance for all of us to get together because our work schedules are all so busy. When I say WHOLE family I mean everyone including kids! I remember why we don't do it very often....KIDS....that prerry much says it all!! If you have kids you know what I mean! The wait wasn't to long but Kennedy is at the age where sitting down isn't in her top 5 of things to do! It really wasn't bad but it I now know why we don't go to dinner very often!! I think she ende up in my lap pretty much the whole time!! All in all, it was a really good time!
Grammy and Grandaddy with Braxton, Kennedy, Memphis and Brylee.
Happy Birthday mom!!Jessica, me, mom and Ames

On another note, check out this cute outfit Kennedy's aunt Traci got her for her birthday. She wore it to church today!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Happy birthday part 2 (Wordless Wednesday)

These are just a few more pics from Kennedy's birthday! A lot of people do "Wordless Wednesday" so I think i'm going to jump in on that!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Happy first birthday Kennedy! (part 1)

Kennedy is feeling much better today! Thank you all for all of your comments and prayers, we really appreciate them.
Saturday morning before the party she had to be at the doctor for a recheck. Her fever was still pretty high and her blood levels were still increased. The doctor was pretty concerned about her blood work and thought about keeping her! A mom's worse nightmare! Your little one in the hospital and not to mention on her birthday! She decided just let us go home keep monitoring her fever and watch her closely! So we headed to the party!!! We got done just in time to change Kennedy's outfit and head straight there!
I couldn't have asked for a better party! My parents had to get EVERYTHING set up and ready because we had to be at the doctors office! My parents are the best! They managed to have everything ready when we go there and we didn't have to do anything! Thanks mom and dad!
We had such a good turn out! Pretty much all the food was ate and we had just a little cake left over (which is fine by me! I think i've had it for breakfast and lunch today!!!).

Sense Kennedy has been sick, she's really gotten attached to this monkey! I love it! I've always wanted her to have an animal or blanket that she clung to! She takes it every where now!

Kennedy and her Grammy (and monkey!)

Trying to keep it low key and pretty much I would call it all family there were like 60 people who came! Kennedy has A LOT of people who love her!
One of Kennedy's future boyfiends!!!! Payne and Bennett.

She really didn't eat much of her cake or put her hands in it! I tried to make her but she didn't really want to have anything to do with it! Which was fine by me, her outfit stayed!

Kennedy and Grammy!

Me, ames and the kids!Kennedy and Grandaddy.

Kennedy was feeling still feeling a little under the weather but we had a great time! Happy Birthday Kennedy!

Friday, January 16, 2009

1 more day and still sick!

Thank you all for all of your prayers and comments!
It looks like Kennedy is going to be pretty sick for her birthday and for her party. Lastnight her fever got extremely bad. It started out as a low grade of 100.7 and then by this moring it was 102.4. I called the doctor and they said she needed to be seen.
So, we get there around 9:00 and they call her back. First they done a strep test and it was negative, then looked at her ears they were fine, she looked in her mouth and had some really bad spots on her throat. She decide to do some blood work because there was something going on but wasn't sure what! So, we waited of course what felt like forever and in comes the doctor. She proceeds to tell us her white blood count was extremely high. The norm would be around 10,000 to 15,000 and Kennedy's was a little of 25,000! Her red blood count was extremely low! (I can't remember the exact numbers but it was really bad too! Whick is abnormal if she has some type of infection.(The count should be the opposite, white should be low and red high. Meaning something is going on.) So of course my eyes tear up and Kennedy is screaming through the whole doctors visit and at this point I just wanted to cry! My baby is hurting and that makes me hurt. Now the plan is to go back to the doctors office first thing in the morning, do some blood work and regroup! If her blood work comes back abnormal again she wants to do more testing!
I just pray everything is ok and she'll be fine! Afterall, Saturday is her party (at 11:30) and as a mommy I justed wanted everything to be perfect and go smoothly! Iknow God will take care of the situation, even if it's not doing things my way!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

3 days and counting......

I've been a little distracted these past few days because i've been planning Kennedy's first birthday party. I know you should to these things like months in advance but I'm not that kind of girl! I mean, I just got out the last of the invitations on Friday and the party is this Saturday! Talking about last minute!
So, 3 days and counting until Kennedy's first birthday party! (or should I say two because Saturday is the party and I really can't count that day because everything has to be done before then!) I have so many emotions about her turning one! It's been such a roller coaster! People keep saying "aw......aren't you sad?" and I reply "well not really!.....To me it's bitter sweet!"
I guess to me it's easier because she can walk, semi feed herself, drink out of a cup, tv will keep her attention a little longer, say some words (she loves the word NO, that's because mommy uses it A LOT!), points at what she wants and many more things. So, i'm really not sad about her turning one I look at as a hurtle has been jumped! It's a huge step in being a mommy.
Now on the other hand, the party is whats difficult. Who to invite without making it a huge ordeal but not keeping it to low key, what theme to use, what to eat, the cake (do we have to do icecream???), where to have it without worrying about things getting messed up and try to figure out a time so she want be cranky. I'm telling you it's a lot to think about!...or should I say STRESS about!
First off invitations. I went to walmart and just had some printed with her picture on them. They turned out pretty cute.These pics might be a little blurry because my camera doesn't take the best pics! Sorry!
I decided just to go with the first birthday theme. I really wanted to do something like princess but then I started thinking what will I do when she gets older? (I was thinking way to far into it!)
I went to the ritz camera store and you can print pictures there and I made this cool little sign.
This is my most favorite part about her party is........her outfit! I love it!

Just keep Kennedy in your prayers. She has came down with a terrible cold and want her to be well for her party! Thanks!

Monday, January 12, 2009

My sister's the BEST!

My sister Amy just had an amazing blog about a picture and how she loves this person soooo much and it was me! I feel so blessed that I have family that loves me so much and a sister that is a best friend! I love her very much and I would be lost without her!
I love you Amy!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Kennedy's smile!

I've been putting together a picture frame/collage of photos (for my mother in-law) and this is what I found most of! Take a look at these pictures and see if you can find anything in common????!!!!!

How funny is this? What even makes it funnier, is all of these pics are all withing 3 months of each other! I think this is her pose!! The mouth wide open!! I love it! My heart just melts and tears of joy come to my eyes, to think I have such a perfect little angel and I get to see that every day! I love it and her so very much!