Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Kennedy's 2nd Birthday!

As if she didn't have enough toys with Christmas just coming but it's also her Birthday! Well, to be exact her Birthday is 3 weeks away but do to Adam having to go out of town for a period time we bumped it up! After all, daddy couldn't miss her 2nd Birthday party!

This year because Kennedy has a favorite TV show we decided to go with a theme. Minnie Mouse!! She loves some Mickey Mouse club hose so we went with Minnie!
Everything turned out so cute and she had a blast!

Saturday, December 26, 2009


The first family Christmas party
We always have my mom's side of the family a few days before Christmas because the family is so large it's tough to fit in on Christmas. We have great finger foods and some interesting family time! I say "interesting" because we you get 50 people in one house it's interesting! In a good way! It's always loud and crazy but I wouldn't want it any other way!

This is ALL of the Great grand kids! 14 of them! We have a huge family!
We had a surprise visit from Santa himself! No one new that my cousin had this planned. It was really great and the kids loved it.....well, Kennedy kinda did!!

Christmas Eve morning
This year mom started a new tradition! Having breakfast at her house Christmas ever. Just our little families (my brother and sissy)come over in there pj's and we have some brunch!

Christmas Eve
Every Christmas Eve for as long as I can remember we've gone to my Dad's mother's. The past few years we started something a little different because the family has gotten so big. It's a fun, silly game and the adults enjoy it so much! We call it round robbin/white elephant gift game! We bring really funny, wacky, old, memorable (gifts that have tradition and come back every year!), eatable and some good gifts! It's a blast! It takes the pressure off having to buy so many gifts and your able to have a really good laugh too!! Adam and one of his gifts!!
Jess and her white elephant gift she received!

Jess and I

Christmas morning!
What fun it was this year! I know each year will be more and more fun but we had such a blast this year!
First of all this cute little Kitchen that you see in this picture? Well, it came in a box with 500 little pieces that connect together! Who would have known that it took my hubby 2 hours to put it together??!! This was our first year playing Santa (and putting things together) so from now on we'll start a little earlier getting it all together instead of staying up until 2am!!
I will say it was much more than I expected and what a blessed Christmas we had!

Wow...what a huge mess mommy had!! Thanks!!

Christmas day
We always go to my mom's and have lunch. We have a feast for an army and stuff ourselves until we're sick! Seriously, until we're sick! After we eat we move/waddle to the living room to open presents, but first it's a must/tradition that the Christmas story HAS to be read! After all JESUS IS THE REASON FOR THE SEASON!! The kids sit on pins and needles waiting to tear into the presents but the story of Jesus birth is the most important thing!
Grandaddy Reading the Christmas story.
All of the Grand kidsChecking out there matching boots with Grandaddy!
McKenna and Kennedy
Putting on her John Deere boots that Grammy and Grandaddy got her!
I think this is the only family picture I got! It was so crazy I didn't think to get anymore!

The day after Christmas
Our last family stop was at Nanny Shirley's and Papa T's house! PHEW!!! What a busy weekend! It was so neat though! Each family gathering was SO special and had so many different traditions! I loved it and look forward to it all again next year!

Hollie and I

Kate and Kennedy
What a wonderful, blessed Christmas we had!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Santa or NOT to Santa??!!

We took Kennedy to see Santa tonight and she wasn't very fond of him! She had some big talk on the car ride to see him but when it came down to sitting in his lap, she had NO part of that! She clung to her daddy and candy wasn't doing the trick either! We decided to make a family picture out of it!
She looks pretty happy here but believe you me she wasn't to happy to sit with him!