Thursday, January 28, 2010

Kennedy's One, Two Step!!

I've been wanting to put Kennedy in some sort of dance or activity of some kind and this past week I found out our local dance studio offered a toddler class! The class ranges from 18 months to 2 yrs. old! It's perfect because Kennedy just turned 2 and the class is one day a week for 45 minutes, not very long or not very much of a commitment! It works for mommy and Kennedy!

Tonight we had our first visit/trial run. The studio lets you come and have one session free to make sure the child likes it and you don't waste your money! I would say it was a success! She done great! She's not too sure of what to do but most of the girls didn't either! She was super cute and not to mention it was a great way to burn off some of that energy! When we first walked in she wasn't too sure what to think!

After a few minutes or should I say seconds she got over being shy!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Goodness is she Really 2 already!!??

Because we celebrated Kennedy's Birthday 3 weeks ago before Adam left I still felt like we needed to do something on her actual Birthday....
So, it was off to Chuck E Cheese!!
As you can see she wasn't to fond of Chuck E Cheese but she did love the food and games!
Me, Jess and David.
Grammy and Grandaddy with the grand girls!!

We (us adults) enjoyed this game as much as the girls did!

Grandaddy and the girls!

After Chuck E Cheese we had a small family gathering at the house for some cake! First we had to dial in daddy on skype so he could join the party! The kids loved it! and daddy got to be apart of the party! The kids talking to Adam!
Kennedy and Kate talking to Adam!

Cake time!

Paw (yes we say Paw with a "W"! The girls have a southern twang to them so that's what we call him.) talking to Adam! Now, he's the one that was SUPER amazed how technology has provided this for us! I don't think they even own a computer! lol!

Cousin Kate

Aunt Traci and Payne
Adam (yes, he's making a crazy face as usual and as you can see i need to clean my computer screen ...oops!!) even got to get in the family photo!
Kennedy had a great Birthday thanks to family and some very close friends!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Dinner and 3 weeks down!

There is not too much going on in Taylor ville right now......

My hubby has been gone for 3 very LONG weeks so I'm trying my BEST to stay VERY busy! Anytime a friend offers to go to dinner or invites me over....i take off !! Leave at daylight arrive back home at! No really if I'm not at home I'm chillin at my mama's! They have been so awesome! Praise the Lord for parents/grandparents! Traci and I at dinner!
The girls! Kennedy and EmmaRae. (Kennedy wouldn't leave Mickey in the car she said "he wanted to come too!")

Traci and Payne

Kennedy and I!
Just keep us (and Adam) in your prayers! We have a good bit of time left of daddy/hubby being gone but each week has gotten a little easier! Let's just say I have a new found RESPECT for single mommy's! My hats off to you single mom's!!
Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Kennedy's first Trim!

Kennedy has had slow growing hair sense she's been born!I just new if I had a little girl she would have all of this hair that I would get to play with and cut it .....but I thought wrong! Leave it to me to have a little girl with NO hair!
With her about to turn 2 I decided it was time to trim those fuzzy little baby hairs! With me being a hairstylist it was a huge deal for me to be able to give my daughter her VERY FIRST haircut!

She done so well! She's at the salon ALL of the time so she was a PRO at it!

The back...finished product! She has super curly hair!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010