Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend!

Every year before we had Kennedy we've spent every Memorial Day, the Fourth of July and Labor Day down at Adam's Granny's lake house! Last year we didn't make it as much because Kennedy was only a few months old but we resumed the tradition this year!!! After 3 days of water activities I can verily walk or should I say MOVE!!! I think EVERY bone in body hurts!! We skied and tubed until the sun went down!!! I really thought the weekend was going to be a wet, cold disaster because a rain storm came throw on Friday but it finally cleared up on Saturday and the sun was shining bright!!!

Sense Friday it was raining Kennedy and Daddy spent the morin cleaning the porch and picking up while mommy watched lifetime all day....lol!!!

This was our raft for the weekend thanks to Traci's mothers day gift!! We floated on it all weekend!! The smaller tube in the back was the one we're pulled with behind the boat!

Kennedy also had her first ride on the jet ski and her first ride on the tube!! She loved them both!! She didn't want to get off!

The guys on the tube!

Drew, Adam and Weasel! They look a little scared!!!

Catchin some air!!

This is really neat because I got Weasel falling off!! He's sliding off here.............

NO Weasel!!!!!! The splash in the background is him falling off!!!!

Adam wake boarding!

Shali, me and Traci!

.....And you know we ate good!!! Traci made this wonderful, yummy cake!! Thanks Traci!

The best meal of the weekend....low country boil!!! YUMMY!

We had such a great time with friends and family!! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Friday, May 15, 2009

A full day!

Thursday at work I wasn't busy in the afternoon so I took full advantage of it! I took the afternoon off and decided to have a play day with Kennedy! Park day had fell on Thursday this week so we started off by heading to the park! I do have to add that it was smokin hot outside!

All of the babies!!

After park day we headed over to my mom's for Kennedy's first swim of the summer!! Let's just say she LOVED it! She had NO fear of the water! After getting super tired of chasing her around the pool we filled up a bucket that entertained her for a while!

Check out her crack!! I LOVE it!!!

After an afternoon at the pool Kennedy was wore slap out and took a 3 hour nap!! yay!!

She woke and Granny Shirley, Kate and went to pick the peaches off the peach tree! That's what so nice about livin in the country walk out your front door and we have instant entertainment!

Kate and Kennedy!

Then we had one last event .....one of my good friends Suzann is expecting a little girl, so we had to go to the baby shower!! Oh how I do love baby showers! Not only because of the cute little clothes and new little toys....I LOVE the cake!!!...lol!!

Yummy!! All of that icing! ...and I requested a corner piece!! I loved the saying on the cake "Hello mommy goodbye tummy!!

The beautiful mommy to be! Can you believe she's do in July!!!?? She looks great!!

I guess he wanted to be part of the pic too!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What a wonderful Mother's Day!

What a wonderful Mother's day weekend I/we had! Friday we left to spend the weekend with Adam's mom (Grammy). We got there pretty late so we went straight to bed! Saturday morning Kennedy got up bright and early ready to PLAY!! That's literally the first word out of her mouth PLAY! She immediately was ready to go outside with Grammy to feed the animals!
Grammy and cousin Luke!

Feeding the horse and goats!

Kennedy and Luke petting the doat as Kennedy would call it (goat)!

That afternoon we had a wedding to go to! One of Adam's friends from high school was getting married! It was in this amazingly cute chapel/church that had stained glass windows! I loved it! It was very old and vintage looking!

She has an obsession with going up and down stairs! She about wore daddy out!

Sunday Kennedy woke up bright and early AGAIN ready to PLAY!! I had decided to drag myself out of bed get a shower and help feed the animals too! We had such a great time! She still is saying the horse's name and talking about the doat's!! It is adorable!

Check out how stylin she is with her known matching shoes!! At Grammy's anything goes!

Kennedy and Grammy!

Thank you Grammy for such a great weekend! We love you very much!

Sunday after we ate lunch we headed home to spend the rest of the afternoon with my mom! We grilled out and just had a fun time with my brother and sister!

Amy got her exercise pulling all the kids in the wagon!

Kennedy giving cousin Memphis some lovin!

Kennedy and McKenna


Me and my wonderful sweetheart!! He did a great job on Mother's day this year! He got me some much needed perfume! Or he just got tired of smelling my body splash from 2 years ago!!...lol!!

Last but not least my mommy!! What a very special woman this is in my life! I love you so much mom and I'm VERY blessed to have a mom like you!! I LOVE YOU!