Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring is in the Air!

It's kinda bitter sweet! I had such a great time but toward the end I was getting a little (well maybe A LOT) home sick! I missed Kennedy too much!

I didn't take many pics at all....the weather was kinda yucky and we really just done A LOT of R&R and much needed quality time alone! He had class the wed-fri so I just stayed in my PJ's all day....literally ALL day! It was awesome! And I caught up on some LMN.

Saturday, we did venture out and spent the whole day doing all those things you can't do with 2yr olds! We had a great lunch, massage (it was wonderful!! and much needed!) dinner then a movie! It was like we're dating again. No worries but to be honest it was quiet and most of the conversation centered around Kennedy....and watch she was doing!

Now, it's back to work/reality! (which I immediately started on Tuesday!)

This is when I wish (and the ONLY time) that I was back in high school and had spring break!

Speaking of spring break.....

My sister's kids are out this week and we planned to meet up so the kiddos could play!
We ended up at the Hands on Museum! Mom and Dad came up with the idea! We had just thought a picnic at the park (which we did also!)but they came up with this! What a great idea it was! I hadn't been in years! It was SO neat! Minus the odd smell!
I must warn you.....LOTS of pictures!

This was Kennedy's favorite part! She born to shop! (she gets it honest)

Kennedy and Brylee

Amy, Memphis, Kennedy and Grandaddy

Um...I think the adults had just as good of a time as the kids did.

Kennedy and Braxton

To end the morning Grammy and Brylee gave a wonderful performance in which we all got a kick out of!

Then off to the park!!
We're all pretty worn out from the museum but was a beautiful day!

What a day...I think I'll be recouping for a few days!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I have Arrived!!

First off......I MADE it to Oklahoma!! I survived the airplane!! YAY!! I was so nervous!!I'm here as we speak!
Probably wondering why I'm blogging and not spending time with my honey but he has class. Unfortunately he has class from 3pm to 12pm! Yuck! We'll have the mornings together and the weekend though!
I figured I would take advantage of this time to catch up on some blogging! Well, after I have napped (for 3 hours) and ate dinner in with No interruptions! WOW! That was nice but I'm already missing my little one! Now it's kinda TOO quite!
OK, on to my post.......
This past weekend was absolutely beautiful!! The weather was wonderful (it's not so wonderful in Oklahoma) I took advantage of the great weather and got outside for a while and Kennedy really enjoyed it! At grammy's house playing in the dirt!

Mom and I

Saturday we headed to Adam's family's house for cousin Kassidy's 1st Birthday! WOW does time fly! She is such a sweet lil one! It's hard to believe she is already 1!

Happy Birthday Kassidy!

Cousins Kate, Kennedy and Luke

I plan to do A LOT of R&R while I'm here....sleep, eat and sleep some more!!
Hope everyone has a great week!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Finally a Beautiful day!

Yesterday was such a pretty day (finally) we got to take a long bike ride! The beach is probably 45 minutes from our house so we drove there and road are bikes all around! Kennedy (and me) had such a great time! We road so much my legs felt like jello!

These are a few pics my mom took of Kennedy at her house!

I booked a flight to go so my hubby at the end of the month!! YAY!! I don't think I've mentioned it but I have a terrible fear of flying.....and I've never flown!! lol!! My husband is in the FAA and I've never been on a plane! Weird I know!! Please pray that I survive and that I don't panic! lol!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Family Fun!

What a weekend.....And it's already over! It's like you blink and it's Monday again!
Saturday I worked.... as usual!
After work Kennedy and I hung out at the house pretty much the whole day. Just enjoyed being at home and it was actually a little warmer during the day so we got to go outside for a little while.
That night we had a small family cookout. Just very low key burgers and hot dogs. Simple but fun family night. Oh and cookout isn't a cookout without some smores!! YUMMMM!! Kate and Kennedy

After I got Kennedy ready this morning to much of my surprise she was asking to read her Bible. (It's a cool little picture Bible that cousin Kate got her for her bday) At night I read her a story out of it before bed time ...well, summarize the story to shorten it a little (her attention span isn't very long!). But it really surprised me that she wanted to read it this morning! It was so sweet!
Of course I to grab the camera!

Tonight we met my sister, nieces and nephew for dinner! Nothing fancy at all! Actually it was McDonald's!! We choose this restaurant due to it having a playground! LOL!! Ate and then had some play time! They had a blast!

Grandaddy, Grammy, Braxton, Brylee and McKenna

Ames and I
I've been super tired this week, kinda run down I guess! Not sure if it's the weather or just plain tired! Looking forward to Grammy (Adam's Mom) coming this weekend looking forward to some R&R! Hopefully I can catch up on some sleep!
Hope everyone had a great weekend!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Project Kennedy's room is underway!

I've/We (we being me and my Mom) have been working on Kennedy's room for quite sometime! We started on it right before Adam left but due to lack there of time it got pushed to the side for a while. As I have blogged before since he's been gone my house has become my new project. The next on the room on the list was Kennedy's room! We're still not finished but have made lots of progress.
Here are just a few odds and ends we've done so far.

I had gotten some wood color picture frames and sprayed painted them white and then place material for the mat of the frame. We plan on hanging them with some polka dot ribbon!

I had went to a pottery party several months ago....maybe even a year ago! Just getting around to hanging it! This is Kennedy's new dresser also! Complements of an AWESOME AND SO VERY TALENTED GRANDADDY!! (He also made her bed but I haven't taken pics of it yet...that to come next!) I thought it would be neat to just toss her play clothes, socks and etc. into baskets and the baskets added color too!
The curtains were made by mom (who also is SUPER talented)!

This is the kitchen set Grandaddy built for Kennedy and I moved it into her room!

Kennedy taking a break from helping Mommy and Grammy to feed baby bear some peas!

Grandaddy, Kennedy and the guest chilled out on the couch while me and Grammy finished up!

Excuse the background!!
Almost finished with her room just a few little things left! Then it will be on to the next project!