Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mother's Day

What a great Mother's Day I had.
It was wonderful because our family got to be together. We're normally scattered out during the day but this year we all got to do lunch together (minus my hubby who had to work). I love this girl!!!

All of the grand girls riding in the boat.

The men! My dad and brother...don't they favor!?

My wonder sweet Mama a.k.a. Grammy.

2 of my favorite gals!! My Mama and sister!!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Here I am a almost 2 weeks after Easter finally doing a post about Easter.
Wow, has this pregnancy gotten rough. I've went from feeling great and NO sickness to EXTREMELY tired and sickness. I completely forgot how tiring your first trimester is. My blog and lots of other things (my house) has suffered due to this pregnancy! I just pray the sickness goes away.

OK, on to Easter.
Trying to snap a family photo as we're rushing to Sunday School.....Kennedy wasn't having it.

After church we finally got one.

Abigael, Kennedy and Jenna. Her friends from class.

Her Sunday school class.

Kennedy and her friend Tallulah. It's amazing how much they favor. Even to the dresses that weren't planned!

My wonderful parents.

After church we went to my Aunts for the traditional family egg hunt.

All of the cousins/great grands.

My niece Memphis.

Kennedy and Aunt Amy.

Me, my brother, sister (and spouses) and our kids with nanny.

We had such a great Easter. It's hard to believe next year we'll have a new lil edition and this picture will have one more little one.