Thursday, January 27, 2011

Happy Birthday to a very special Lady

Kennedy and my mom's Birthday are in the same week so that week we celebrate their Birthday's pretty much everyday!
Starting with our work party.
We went and ate some Japanese...our favorite!

Then the family celebration.
We decided this year to not include the kids and make it an adult night. We had dinner then went to a movie. Normally we have dinner and then we're all exhausted from chasing our children then we go home. This year it was so relaxing. We really enjoyed each other and I think we might have started a tradition!
Mom and Dad

This was the high lite of the night!
My brother in-law is quite a joke stir....he had this blanket made for my Mom!! Too funny huh??!!!

My brother David and his wife Jess.

This pictured blurred but I still LOVE it!
Me and my sissy Amy

Us girls and the Birthday Girl!
Love you very much Mom!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Recap of Kennedy's 3rd Birthday

This year we had a penguin/winter wonderland themed Birthday party.
It worked out great with the decor. I managed to get pretty much everything 50-75% off because it was after Christmas decorations. SCORE!

It turned out great!
Thanks to all of our friends and family for making this a very special day! A big thank you to Meme who helped decorate. She always does so good!

On a side note all of the paper on the tables or hanging was rapping paper! It made great table clothes!

Kennedy and her best friends.
Bennett, EmmaRae, cousin Kate and Payne.
Thank you Meme for making these cool penguin pants!
As you can see the Birthday party was held in our garage. Mama wasn't ready to have all those people on her carpet yet!! LOL

Nanny and baby Hamp.
Bennett, Payne and EmmaRae

Melissa and Trey

JoBeth and Hollie

Getting ready for cake.


Reese and JoBeth

Present time!

Time for the penguin bag toss. Thanks to DD (Grandaddy) we had this cool penguin toss game. He made this just for her party! Thanks DD!

Cousin Memphis

This was a hit!
My co-worker/bf Janet and her niece Kiley.

My sis in-law Jess and my bro David.

Sis in law Hollie (who helped theme this party. Thanks Hollie!!) and me.
My little B-day girl!!

Our little family!!
That party was awesome. Glad it went well, and glad it's!! phew!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Happy Birthday

Happy 3rd Birthday to my sweet little girl Kennedy! Wow has time flown.
Can't believe 3 years ago today she was born.
I have enjoyed every moment (even the bad ones). I can't wait
to see what God has in store for this beautiful, determined, strong willed,
impatient, O.C.D., caring, lovable, awesome
little girl!
I (we) love her SO much. We are BLESSED!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Family Pictures 2010

I was kinda in a panic about not having family pictures done at all this (meaning last) year. I normally do some sort of family pictures for Christmas gifts to parents and grandparents but of course waited to the last minute to get them together.

My sis in-law Hollie has the same camera as us but she knows how to use hers a little better than! And has a great editing program. She had done some pictures of her kids and their family and I LOVED them. I asked her to take some shots of us (the week of Christmas) and some of Kennedy to use as gifts.
It was AWESOME having her aunt take them. Kennedy cooperated SO much better. Not to mention we could time it to when she napped and was in a perfect picture taking mood...that's hard with a 2 year old!
Little does she (Hollie) know she might be our new family photographer. Get ready Hollie she turns 3 next week!

Thanks so much Hollie! I love these.