Thursday, October 16, 2008


I've really never given it the thought how greatly blessed I am! After I had Kennedy I was searching for a babysitter, just part time. Well we all know how hard that is. Me and Adam really prayed about it and we decided if we had to have someone watch her the two days I couldn't bring her to work I really wanted someone to come to our house. We found the perfect person..... that only worked for a short while! Well, so I go to my second! Everyone knows how that can be! It was perfect again. Except only now it's almost 15minutes the opposite direction i'm headed to! So, I made the journey for a few months and prayed once again that God would just work all this out. If he told to drive I would drive but if he sent me another direction I would go. It just so happens we have a lady in our church the watches two little girls and in normal conversation I asked if she was taking anymore babies and she said YES! So now Kennedy is staying with her and we are so blessed! Not only is she a christian......listen at this.....every afternoon (thurs and fri.) when I pick her up she is bathed, with fresh clothes on, she gives me in detail what she's done that day and what words she has said and to top it she bought her this cool little toy!

She also picks up new little outfits for her all the time. We are truely blessed that we have a babysitter that loves our little one so much.
She's always soooo tired when we pick her up!!!!!


Dana said...

Hey Abbi -- I saw your blog on Jobeth's page....welcome to blogging world! :)

The way you described Kennedy's babysitter sounds JUST like Darci's babysitter when she was isn't Ms. Martin is it?? :)

TheVanzants said...

Kennedy is too cute :) I could just pinch her sweet little cheeks!

Mandy Rose said...

I found your blog from Nina's blog. Your lil one is a doll! How lucky you are to have found such a wonderful sitter! My lil man has that same seated song toy and he LOVES it!