Thursday, October 30, 2008

Much NEEDED girl time!

At church Wednesday night us girls were sitting at the table chatting about girl time and how once a week we should all get together and eat or just hang. As a mommy, I really don't feel like I have that girl time. Then I thought to myself.....I don't even have time to paint my toe nails (not even a full paint job, I mean a cover job! Jutst painting over the old polish.), and especially not to just HANG OUT. I honestly feel guilty about it (girl time)when I do get a chance to spend sometime with the girls. I find myself thinking about what Kennedy is doing, the laundry that needs to be folded(that's on my couch from last week!), the bottles in the sink and many more things. I normally end up not enjoying myself and worry about everything else that's going on at home. I'll call Adam like 5 times and by the 5th time he's getting mad and then i'm getting upset! By the end of the night i'll just wish I would have stayed home!
Well, tonight i've learned that I just need to relax and enjoy myself a little. Sometimes we need each other to lean on! I forget i'm not the only mom! By chatting with my friends tonight i've learned we all have similar situations and we're all looking for that shoulder to lean on! We as women understand each other! I mean we didn't go to far.....we went just to a local restaurant where there was some serious BAD koraoke going on. So, have a girls night every once in while, it really does some good!!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Not so bad!

I work half days on Mondays, so I decided to take advantage of the opportunity and started to pack. If you don't know we're building a house and we're almost finished! It's so exciting! The not so exciting part is what I have to do now! I do look at it as an opportunity to get rid of some uneeded clutter!

So, I picked Kennedy up from her babysitter and I kinda felt myself dragging along......dragging along because I new what an ordeal it would be to start packing! I was trying to narrow down the area I would need least. So, I started with the! Now some of you are thinking that, that would be last, but not for me!! I really don't cook much and prefer dinning out! (then I don't have to clean up) No, I do really love a home cooked meal I just need to make more time to do it! I just stand on my feet all day and it's an easy excuse just for me to say "i'm to tired"...then I justify the situation and say "i've been on my feet all day!" OK, anyways back to the packing! That made my decision, I started in the kitchen! I had NO idea I had so many kitchen utensils. I've been married for almost 4 years and I really had know clue of how many cool things I had! I found a brand new set of baking pans in my laundry room,(I guess i was putting them up for a rainy day!)I found a blender that had never been open, I found a chopper and again never had been opened and brand new set of silverware! I felt like it was Christmas all over again. Well, not really, it was exciting but not like a sale at American!!

While I was packing Kennedy was just having a blast! She climbed in and out of the cabnets and on the tops of boxes!! If you look closely the red box is the new set of baking pans!It ended being not so bad!!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

My trade mark trash!

Like my sis in-law (all things in moddy-Hollie) I use my receipts, bills or just whatever I can get my hands on in the car to blot my lips. These sheets of paper came out of the compartment beside my door! That's where I store all of my blotting paper. I really thought I was a secret lip paper blotter!! I'm driving down the road and reapplying my lip gloss (which happens to be estee lauder amethyst at the moment), then I immediately start searching for some random paper, not even caring what it is so I can have a quick blot of the lips! It's such a relieving feeling! If your not a blotter I highly recommend it! It spares some unwanted lip gloss or stick to the teeth and saves some great embarrassment. So try it out!!
It seems me and my sis in-law think A LOT alike!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Something SO simple

Tonight we had church and our pastor preached on Bible verse that was so simplistic and basic. It's a Bible verse that we've all heard growing up in Sundsy School and Vacation Bible school. John 3:16 "For God so love the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him, should not perish but have everlasting life."(New King James) This Bible verse i've heard so many times and never really put a lot of thought into it. Our pastor broke it down for us tonight and gave me a whole different look about it! I'm not to good with reading between the lines but I think now i'll read more into scripture than I normally do. Here are the three points he broke it down to.
1. God's love is GREAT
2. God's love is ETERNAL
3. God's love is GIVING

The second and third point really hit me hard! You know how when your sitting in the pew and you feel like he's preaching right at he knows your doubts and cocerns. Or when you literally feel like God's tapping you on the shoulder!?? That's the way I felt tonight! God's love is ETERNAL...sometimes that phrase is hard for me to grasp! He loves ME!!!! He loves me NO matter what!!! I doubt myself in so many ways that I forget how much he cares about me and that i'm not here on this earth for ME and i'm here for him! .....And God's love is GIVING! He wasn't talking about giving in the sense, of giving to one another or just giving your tithe. He was talking about GIVING in relationships......a relationship with HIM (God). I'm so terrible about devoting my time to family, work, church...and so on....that I sometime forget to just give God time! I feel like I get so caught up in everyday lif I forget to GIVE to someone who has BLESSED me with the gift of LIFE! That's me goal, to know that God loves me ETERNALLY and to GIVE time and effort with my relationship with Christ!

On another subject, me and Kennedy went to target (my favorite store) today to pick up some odd and ends, formula and some other unnecessary items of course. While I was browsing through her clothes I placed her on the floor ( I know some of yall are thinking that's so unsanitary, but she was miserable in the stroller) next to a small shelf, which of course she immediatly pulls up on it and walks around it holding on. Well, I looked over and she let go! She's always standing up and letting go, but this time she starts walking! She took like 4 steps then crashed! It was so exciting! What made it even more it exciting was she had a bib that said born to shop and you would know her first real steps was while we were shopping!!! It really made my day!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Fall is here!

I love this time of year! It's so great when you walk out the door in the mornings to go to work and your not sweating! Normally as soon as I walk out the door and load Kennedy up i'm sweating. All of that hard work fixing your hair and makeup....your hair is flat, (dew to our great humid weather) and your makeup is melting off your face. Not to mention, I juggle getting ready and Kennedy (which is very needy in the mornings) and all that hard work has went down the drain. I know other moms do the same exact thing, but mornings are kinda rough around here!!!!

Also, this weather reminds me of the fair! For some reason the coolness in the air just makes me think of the fair. Maybe, because every year it comes and it storms, then cools off! It never fails it always rains during the fair. It wouldn't be the same walking to and from rides without sloshing threw some mud.

Now i officially feel like i'm in the fall mood! Time for fall decor and now I can get ready for the Holidays.
There is just one more problem.....I have No fall clothes. Last year I was pregnant, and I really don't have much from the year before(and who wants to wear clothes from two seasons ago) I guess it will give me a good excuse to go shopping! I'm sure my hubby will love that!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Trick or Treat

Every year our sunday school class has a Halloween costume party. It's like the main social event of the year. Everyone is pretty serious about there costumes and everyone ALWAYS participates. This year, as you can see me and Adam went pretty traditional. Cowboy and cow girl. We kinda decided our costumes at the last minute and you would know living in this country town we owned these clothes!! Only one exception, Adam's shirt. His shirt would happen to be his brothers, that he wears to sunday church!! No, just kiddin! But indeed that was his bull riding shirt!!!! It was great though, everyone else spent money on there costumes and we just found what was laying around! We really had a great time. We played taboo and when loose or draw. Both games are fun but you sure have to be quick thinking. It seemed like the later it got the more we're easily entertained we wer! I guess it's because we all have kids and we're not used to being out past 8:00 or some of us up past 8:00! .

Brad and Suzanne....Peas and Carrots. Todd and Amanda....Fat plummer and wife

Thursday, October 16, 2008


I've really never given it the thought how greatly blessed I am! After I had Kennedy I was searching for a babysitter, just part time. Well we all know how hard that is. Me and Adam really prayed about it and we decided if we had to have someone watch her the two days I couldn't bring her to work I really wanted someone to come to our house. We found the perfect person..... that only worked for a short while! Well, so I go to my second! Everyone knows how that can be! It was perfect again. Except only now it's almost 15minutes the opposite direction i'm headed to! So, I made the journey for a few months and prayed once again that God would just work all this out. If he told to drive I would drive but if he sent me another direction I would go. It just so happens we have a lady in our church the watches two little girls and in normal conversation I asked if she was taking anymore babies and she said YES! So now Kennedy is staying with her and we are so blessed! Not only is she a christian......listen at this.....every afternoon (thurs and fri.) when I pick her up she is bathed, with fresh clothes on, she gives me in detail what she's done that day and what words she has said and to top it she bought her this cool little toy!

She also picks up new little outfits for her all the time. We are truely blessed that we have a babysitter that loves our little one so much.
She's always soooo tired when we pick her up!!!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Almost ready to move in!

Yes, that's carpet samples! Lastnight we took a journey to lowes to pick out our carpet. That just means one step closer to moving in! Me not knowing anything about a house or picking things out thought it would be a 20 minute process. Well, I was wrong! Of course being a girl I start picking out the ones I thought was pretty or I liked the color. I've learned that it's much harder and way more detail! It had to be a certain fabric and then the twist count and the weight and so on....! I was starting to get overwhelmed! Not to mention you always have those over eager salesmen who try to get you to buy everything and the extended warranty. Well after searching for a while we finally found the one! There it was......a short shag.......soft......just what we've been looking for. Then for the next step, the color! OMG, I never new there were so many. Talking about being overwhelmed! I ALWAYS get nervous when it comes to picking out colors for things so permant. Well, we just went with something natural. So now maybe in a week or two we'll get to move in!

Monday, October 13, 2008

I'm so excited!

I'm really excited about this whole blogging thing! My sis-in law totally inspired me. I have to warn you though i'm not great on a computer, so i'm learing as i go. PLEASE bare with me. I've managed to get this far on my own! So here we go on my blogging journey.

Above as you can see this quite so imperfect pic of me and my friend Traci. Lets just say we got a little dirty! We were kidless Sunday afternoon so we took advantage of the opportunity. We went 4 wheeler ridin'!

Meet my hubby Adam! This is what he loves to do in his spare time. At first, when he introduced this hobby to me I wasn't to thrilled! Then I got in on the action and now i'm asking when we can go ridin'! I'm kinda of a girly, girl I guess you would say but this one thing I don't mind getting dirty on. I will say this though as soon as we made it back 4 hours later....I couldn't change my clothes fast enough. It was an awesome time and can't wait to do it again.