Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Weekend at the beach!

This past weekend we spent it at the beach with some very good friends of ours! They're there on vacay for two weeks and invited us to join them for a few days! Due to my hubby's new job we could only go for the weekend. So, it was short by sweet!
Mama's not sure if she could handle more than a few days. It was SUPER nice but it was also SUPER hot!!

She loves the water!

Kennedy and EmmaRae.

Payne and Kennedy playing the drums!

Our friends Rob and Traci!

It was a great weekend! Can't wait to go back!


Jill said...

Love your new blog design! I've been trying to leave you comments on the other blog design (the black one) and I couldn't. ??? Yay... I'm glad I can leave comments again.

Sounds like a fun trip to the beach. Love the matching bathing suits the girls have on, that's too cute! As always, you look great, very cute dress!

AmyT said...

awlll looks like fun!!!!!

Kim said...

Girl you are so beautiful! :) Love these pictures, Kennedy is a little ham & too cute! :)