Monday, July 12, 2010

Sprinkles, Chocolate and a little rain!

We had a pretty low key weekend! I think we are still trying to re coop from the 4Th of July so we pretty much stuck around the house and enjoyed a little family time!

Friday night we (me and Adam) did go to dinner just in our town. Small little restaurant with some great home cooking!

Saturday was spent at mom and dad's by the pool because it's way to hot to do anything else. Then we napped all afternoon! That's my kind of day!

Sunday, was church.....
Managed to get a quick snap of Kennedy!

But not with mommy! Never fails when it's time to take a pic with mommy she looks in the opposite direction!

That afternoon it was really bad weather so we stayed in!
I had gotten some ice cream and tons of toppings to create our on at home DQ.....
But Kennedy wanted to open the sprinkles and eat them plain! Can't blame her, I love some sprinkles! Luckily we were outside watching it rain so it wasn't too messy! After a few minutes of that she didn't want to be all sticky anymore so she wanted to stick her hands in the water to wash them.........
And ended up playing in the rain!

After the rain died down we headed in to start making our ice cream creations!

We let Kennedy pick what she wanted! Just sprinkles!

And Mommy's
As you can see I went for the kill! Reese's and chocolate syrup! YUMMY!!

This was a huge hit with Kennedy....and with me! Ready to do it again...asap!


Love Lace said...

Ice cream with all the toppings...YUMMY!!! How fun that she enjoyed playing in the rain...and I just love that little umbrella!

Chitown Meg said...

I LOVE your new background- sooo colorful and summery :) My favorite picture is of Kennedy with her duck umbrella. PRECIOUS.

Rebecca (Craving Simplicity) said...

How fun!!

Carrie said...

Y'all have so much fun at your house! Gracious, if Allie saw these pictures, she would want to move in!!!

writing4612 said...


The rain pictures are too cute!