Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Birthday Parties and Race time!

We had a jammed packed weekend!

Friday night I had planned a surprise party for my hubby's 30Th Birthday! I can't believe I actually pulled it off. He had NO clue! I can never sneak one by on this guy!
Everyone arrived at 6:30 and Adam was working on race cars at a friends house and he came home at 7:00. SURPRISE!!!

Matt, Hollie, Hamp and Kate.

Grammy, Kennedy and Luke.

Kennedy and Hardie Joe

Getting ready for cake!

Happy Birthday Adam!! We love you!!
Adam's mom came up for the party so Friday and Saturday night was sleep over time. The kids loved it!
Cousins Kate, Kennedy and Luke.

Grammy with the Grand babies!

Saturday morning was my niece's 2ND Birthday party. Memphis and Kennedy are 6months to the day apart!
Happy Birthday Memphis!!
B-day girl and Kennedy

Saturday afternoon......It was race day! My hubby's favorite day!
We headed to Jasper for the afternoon for an evening of....


This was his favorite part of his Birthday weekend! The date couldn't have fell better!
He came in 2ND place too!! Go Adam!!


Kim said...

Cute photos! Happy Belated to your hubby!!! :)

I bet he did get a good suprise birthday!

Alicia W. said...

YAY! So glad you pulled it off. My husband turns 30 next March and I was just saying how I wanted to do a surprise party. Problem is.. his friends have BIG mouths so it's going to be so hard to keep it hush hush.

Oh, I sent you a link to my private blog. :)

GirlB300 said...

Great pictures as always! Now I know where you guys were. Nick & I were hoping to hang out w/you & Adam at Lauren's birthday party Saturday afternoon.

AmyT said...

sorry we couldn't make it! miss u!