Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring is in the Air!

It's kinda bitter sweet! I had such a great time but toward the end I was getting a little (well maybe A LOT) home sick! I missed Kennedy too much!

I didn't take many pics at all....the weather was kinda yucky and we really just done A LOT of R&R and much needed quality time alone! He had class the wed-fri so I just stayed in my PJ's all day....literally ALL day! It was awesome! And I caught up on some LMN.

Saturday, we did venture out and spent the whole day doing all those things you can't do with 2yr olds! We had a great lunch, massage (it was wonderful!! and much needed!) dinner then a movie! It was like we're dating again. No worries but to be honest it was quiet and most of the conversation centered around Kennedy....and watch she was doing!

Now, it's back to work/reality! (which I immediately started on Tuesday!)

This is when I wish (and the ONLY time) that I was back in high school and had spring break!

Speaking of spring break.....

My sister's kids are out this week and we planned to meet up so the kiddos could play!
We ended up at the Hands on Museum! Mom and Dad came up with the idea! We had just thought a picnic at the park (which we did also!)but they came up with this! What a great idea it was! I hadn't been in years! It was SO neat! Minus the odd smell!
I must warn you.....LOTS of pictures!

This was Kennedy's favorite part! She born to shop! (she gets it honest)

Kennedy and Brylee

Amy, Memphis, Kennedy and Grandaddy

Um...I think the adults had just as good of a time as the kids did.

Kennedy and Braxton

To end the morning Grammy and Brylee gave a wonderful performance in which we all got a kick out of!

Then off to the park!!
We're all pretty worn out from the museum but was a beautiful day!

What a day...I think I'll be recouping for a few days!


Jill said...

Oh, I'm so glad you enjoyed the time with your hubby. I can only imagine how much you missed Kennedy. Glad you enjoyed your weekend and your trip home.

petrii said...

So glad your back safe and sound and got to spend some quality time with your honey. Nothin' like it!!

That Kennedy is to cute!! Those pigtails are wonderful!!!

Have a Blessed day friend,