Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I have Arrived!!

First off......I MADE it to Oklahoma!! I survived the airplane!! YAY!! I was so nervous!!I'm here as we speak!
Probably wondering why I'm blogging and not spending time with my honey but he has class. Unfortunately he has class from 3pm to 12pm! Yuck! We'll have the mornings together and the weekend though!
I figured I would take advantage of this time to catch up on some blogging! Well, after I have napped (for 3 hours) and ate dinner in with No interruptions! WOW! That was nice but I'm already missing my little one! Now it's kinda TOO quite!
OK, on to my post.......
This past weekend was absolutely beautiful!! The weather was wonderful (it's not so wonderful in Oklahoma) I took advantage of the great weather and got outside for a while and Kennedy really enjoyed it! At grammy's house playing in the dirt!

Mom and I

Saturday we headed to Adam's family's house for cousin Kassidy's 1st Birthday! WOW does time fly! She is such a sweet lil one! It's hard to believe she is already 1!

Happy Birthday Kassidy!

Cousins Kate, Kennedy and Luke

I plan to do A LOT of R&R while I'm here....sleep, eat and sleep some more!!
Hope everyone has a great week!


Jaime said...

YAY!! I'm glad you're there and getting to spend some time with your hubby (when he's there, lol) Def take advantage of the R&R :) Hope you have a great time!!

♥Kim said...

Yay glad you made it! See it wasn't so bad, was it?!? :)
I love Kennedy's outfit, such a doll! You are such a beautiful mommy! ♥ Have fun spending some alone time with your hubby!!!

AmyT said...

awwlll enjoy yourself sissy!!!!!

Jill said...

Enjoy your time in OK.... eating and sleeping always hits the spot!

Carrie said...

So glad you made it safe. Can't wait to read all about your trip to OK