Sunday, March 7, 2010

Family Fun!

What a weekend.....And it's already over! It's like you blink and it's Monday again!
Saturday I worked.... as usual!
After work Kennedy and I hung out at the house pretty much the whole day. Just enjoyed being at home and it was actually a little warmer during the day so we got to go outside for a little while.
That night we had a small family cookout. Just very low key burgers and hot dogs. Simple but fun family night. Oh and cookout isn't a cookout without some smores!! YUMMMM!! Kate and Kennedy

After I got Kennedy ready this morning to much of my surprise she was asking to read her Bible. (It's a cool little picture Bible that cousin Kate got her for her bday) At night I read her a story out of it before bed time ...well, summarize the story to shorten it a little (her attention span isn't very long!). But it really surprised me that she wanted to read it this morning! It was so sweet!
Of course I to grab the camera!

Tonight we met my sister, nieces and nephew for dinner! Nothing fancy at all! Actually it was McDonald's!! We choose this restaurant due to it having a playground! LOL!! Ate and then had some play time! They had a blast!

Grandaddy, Grammy, Braxton, Brylee and McKenna

Ames and I
I've been super tired this week, kinda run down I guess! Not sure if it's the weather or just plain tired! Looking forward to Grammy (Adam's Mom) coming this weekend looking forward to some R&R! Hopefully I can catch up on some sleep!
Hope everyone had a great weekend!!


Carrie said...

I am loving Kennedy's hair these days! It's too cute. We should get together sometime and have a play date for the girls.

Love Lace said...

I love that she wanted to her read her bible!!! How sweet!!! Glad you were able to get pictures too!!! Hope you have a great week!

AmyT said...

we had so much fun!!!