Thursday, March 4, 2010

Project Kennedy's room is underway!

I've/We (we being me and my Mom) have been working on Kennedy's room for quite sometime! We started on it right before Adam left but due to lack there of time it got pushed to the side for a while. As I have blogged before since he's been gone my house has become my new project. The next on the room on the list was Kennedy's room! We're still not finished but have made lots of progress.
Here are just a few odds and ends we've done so far.

I had gotten some wood color picture frames and sprayed painted them white and then place material for the mat of the frame. We plan on hanging them with some polka dot ribbon!

I had went to a pottery party several months ago....maybe even a year ago! Just getting around to hanging it! This is Kennedy's new dresser also! Complements of an AWESOME AND SO VERY TALENTED GRANDADDY!! (He also made her bed but I haven't taken pics of it yet...that to come next!) I thought it would be neat to just toss her play clothes, socks and etc. into baskets and the baskets added color too!
The curtains were made by mom (who also is SUPER talented)!

This is the kitchen set Grandaddy built for Kennedy and I moved it into her room!

Kennedy taking a break from helping Mommy and Grammy to feed baby bear some peas!

Grandaddy, Kennedy and the guest chilled out on the couch while me and Grammy finished up!

Excuse the background!!
Almost finished with her room just a few little things left! Then it will be on to the next project!


Jenn said...

Looks great!! I love the stripes!

Kimberly said...

Abbi, the room is coming along nice! Your Mom is talented!!!

AmyT said...

looks great!

Kasey said...

Is that beadboard in her room? I want to do that in Leighton's new room! Yes new room, we are moving! We will actually be closer to you. We will have to have Kennedy over to play. The girls do really well with younger ones, Hayley thinks she's their momma!

Jaime said...

Looks great!! I seriously will have to have you guys over when we get our new house!!! LOL!

Jenn said...

It looks so cute! You and your Mom are doing a great job, as always! :)

KLC said...

I can't believe her grandaddy built that pink kitchen set!! It is soooo fabulous!!!! I am loving all the pink and green in Kennedy's room! She is just too cute

Jill said...

Abbi, Kennedy's room is SOOO cute! It's a dream bedroom. I can't believe your dad built that cute pink kitchen AND a bed. What a sweet Grandpa!

♥Kim said...

OMG I love everything in her room!!! So girly, & colorful! Ya'll have some awesome talent! Wish I had me a little princess, I'd def. go all out as well, but with a boy there is so little you can do. lol