Thursday, March 3, 2011

Finally I have something to post about.

Playing a little catch up.
The week I had off pretty much consist of little house work, chilling in the chair, catching up on some greys, enjoying my little family and I guess to sum it all up I done NOTHING.
What a great week! lol!
We did get a picture on the way to church. I did manage to got to church that week.

Races Has Started Up
Last Thursday night Adam and the mini cup cars had there first practice. The season officially starts mid March but these guys had to get in a practice.
I will say this is pretty fun. We try make it a family event. Most of the time Kennedy comes along and she really likes. There will be some races that she'll sit out on because it gets so hot and that's not enjoyable for her or for me.
Adam really enjoys racing and I love to watch him do it. It's like a kid on Christmas!!
Can't you tell he loves it? Look at his!

Granny T and my mom (aka Meme)
My dad with his head phones on ready to spot.

A little car trouble.
Serious concentration.

Nanny and Kennedy playing.

Cousin Hardie Joe. She loves him!

Meme and DD

Sunday Lunch at Nanny's and Papa T's House
This past Sunday we had family Lunch at the Taylor's. We don't get to do this very often due to everyone schedules but it's always a blast.
Kennedy and her wheels..... She got a 4-wheeler for Christmas and this gal goes EVERYWHERE on it! She's a pro!
Before walking in picking flowers is a MUST!

Love that smile.

Her cousin/BF Hardie Joe.

Ha...I love this face. My niece and Her boyfriend (Aubrey who she adores) just walked in!

My niece Brittany.
Aubrey...Do you see that smile on her face??!!!! OH goodness, I'm gonna be in trouble. She likes the older ones!

And this is her new hobby......
Painting. She does this every afternoon.
Checkout that cool set up! I need to get her one to hold all the paints and such but Aunt Shane (Adam's sister) gave this to us. Thanks Aunt Shane! It works for now and she LOVES it!

On a side note. I'm SOOOO ready for spring. I'm ready for everything to be bright and colorful, Clothing, shoes, the green grass, days outside, pedicures and having a tan. Goodness, I guess I'm not asking for a lot huh??!! Please come spring!

I guess that's pretty much it in the Taylor home the past 2 weeks.

Have a great rest of the week!


Dana said...

Her expressions are too funny! And Aubrey is one sweet fella, he reminds me of my nephew! :-)

Carrie said...

I am with you on the spring readiness, girl! I know I have told you this before, but K is the cutest thing!!!