Saturday, March 26, 2011

The things kids say

What's been going on in Taylor ville????
Not to much.
Here is a little recap of the past week. Nothing too exciting just a few pics of what's been happening round here!

Last Sunday morning. Kennedy's not looking but I love this picture of her. Those dark eyes and cheeks. LOVE it!

First official race of the reason.

Papa T in his Nat hat. I'm gonna invest in one of these! It looks crazy but it works.
Me and my niece Brittany.

Meme and DD

We had some friends to come over fishing.
Kennedy and Amber
Kennedy helping out!

It's finally gotten warm enough to get outside and enjoy it.
We're definitely enjoying spring time.
Kennedy and Adam planted some flowers.

It's too funny...she's been so responsible for these little flowers. Everyday she reminds Adam to water them and looks to see how much they've grown.

A Little family time at Five Guys....YUMMM

It amazes me each day how big and smart our little girl is getting.
Last night in the bath tub Kennedy was playing with her toys and we were talking and out of no where she asked me "mommy how do I look?" I kinda thought this was an odd question but I reply with "I don't know Kennedy. How do you look?" She says, "distinguished!" I said, "WHAT?!" Again she says, "distinguished!!" OK, of course I had to hit spell check to see how to spell distinguished but my 3 yr old knows how to use the word in proper form. I'm not sure where she got it from but it completely blew me away! I sure hope she wants to look distinguished as she gets into her teenage!!
It was my ahhh-haaa moment! They really pay attention to what you say!


Kristin said...

TOO cute!!!

My hubs use to race dirt track stock car when he was in high school. Kinda just fell out of it. No money....

Kennedy is so stinkin cute!!

I've just started a new blog!

I'm sure you've probly had some Fabulous Parties for her!!

I'd Love to feature YOU!!!

come check it out and follow me! : )

Carlee and Jared said...

That is so cute! She is adorable. I'm glad you had a fun time with your fam!:)

AmyT said...

she is such a mess - too smart!!

Carrie said...

K. is one smart cookie!!! I am loving that gnat hat. Where do I pick that up at? And does it work for mosquitoes?