Sunday, December 20, 2009

Yumm are those for Santa or for me?!

This was Kennedy's first year taking part in baking Christmas cookies! Last year I baked some and decorated them (for my own benefit) but this year she got to help!! We decided to include the grandparents in this fun/messy event! They had just as much fun as Kennedy did or should I say enjoyed the finished product...getting to eat them!
Yikes, we got a little messy!! Papa T sneaking a cookie!
Nannie Shirley

She LOVED the icing!
DD (AKA Grandaddy!)

Checking out the finished product....which one so we want first??!!!

I Got mom to snap a quick family picture in all of our Christmas apparel before we went into church! Unfortunately, Kennedy was trying to eat her peppermint (that a nice gentlemen always gives her EVERY Sunday as we're walking into church) so she wasn't looking.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


Risley and Dylan said...

aw! you guys look super cute!

petrii said...

Ya'll are so cute!!! I love your skirt ~~ so cute!! I wore my pretty red sweater to church today to. YAY for CHRISTmas attire =)

Those cookies look yummee ~~ and what girl doesn't dig her some icing?!! MMMMM

Merry CHRISTmas dear friend,

Jenn said...

Great family photo!

AmyT said...

Looks like a blast!!!! The pic of you guys looks great!! btw..I WONDER where she got here love for iciing?????? lol LOVE U

GirlB300 said...

Looks fun! GREAT family picture!!