Monday, December 21, 2009

Santa or NOT to Santa??!!

We took Kennedy to see Santa tonight and she wasn't very fond of him! She had some big talk on the car ride to see him but when it came down to sitting in his lap, she had NO part of that! She clung to her daddy and candy wasn't doing the trick either! We decided to make a family picture out of it!
She looks pretty happy here but believe you me she wasn't to happy to sit with him!


Carrie said...

She is so cute, Abbi! I love that dress. Good to know that Allie Claire is not the only little miss afraid of Santa this year.

♥Kim said...

Wow I;ve missed out on a lot!
Love the Christmas pictures w/ Santa! I feel bad bc I haven't taken Hunter to see him, is that a bad thing?!? :/

Those cookies you baked looked yummy, I bet she loved them!

Disney World looked Amazing! Glad ya'll had fun & a safe trip!

Have a Merry Christmas!!!

AmyT said...

so cute! Brylee needs to give her lessons on visiting with santa ;-)