Sunday, May 3, 2009

What a busy weekend!

What a busy weekend we've had!
Saturday it started out with me having to arrive at work at 8:oo am! And we all know that, that isn't hairdresser time! It's more like 10:00am! I had to go in early to do a dance teams hair for pictures and I really enjoyed it! Can't wait until Kennedy can be in dance (or maybe I!) Anyways, that was a busy morning but I did manage to sneak at early for a mother daughter brunch at my sister in-laws church! It was such a great time! Me, Kennedy, Mom and Jessica (my sister in-law) went together. It was such a cute theme and SUPER girly, girl! They had several of the ladies bring in there wedding gowns and had them displayed around the fellowship hall (from many different years!!!). Then they had a few girls model them! It was really neat to see how much wedding gowns have changed and how some styles have came back around!

Kennedy really wasn't amused with all of it as much as I was! She of course found her own entertainment!

Not toys or food just Hawaiian fruit punch plastic jugs is what she wanted to play with!

After the brunch we headed home to squeeze in a quick nap and to get ready for the triplets Birthday party!! The party was held a the local skating rink (the same exact skating rink that I used to go to!) and oh did it bring back memories!! I used to LOVE to skate in high school! We walked in and it still had that same old musky smell! We visited for a few minutes and grabbed a bite to eat then started lacing up the skates! It was like riding a bike!

Happy early Birthday Payne, Bennett and EmmaRae! We love you very much and what a blessing and miracle from God you are!

Today after church a few ladies got together for one of our friends Birthday! We made a special trip to olive garden.....yummy! Her Birthday was actually on Easter but everyone has been so busy that we're finally able to get together!! Happy belated Birthday Suzann! Love you!

Me, Suzann, Mom, Lindsay and Linda.

Hope everyone had wonderful and blessed weekend!


Jaime said...

I'd def say that you guys had a packed weekend. Love the skating rink pics! I can't believe they're already a year old!!! Time is really flying... I'm frantically looking for that pause button... shoot I'll even settle for the slow button, lol!

Angela Darling said...

Years ago at my church we did a similar thing with wedding dresses. The women brought their wedding dresses and their bridesmaids dresses. It was a hoot. Gotta love the shimmer and poofy sleeves. haha

Suzanne said...

That was a busy weekend!! Great Pics!!!

Candice said...

What a fun and busy weekend! I love getting to spend lots of time with family and friends. Kennedy is so cute...and really low maintenance! haha!

Jaime said...

whenever your up for a trip let me know... I bought a year membership and can get another adult in free! :) I know we'll be going quite a bit.... on the not so hot hot days, lol!

Weighting4It said...

Gotta love old-school roller skating!

AmberDenae said...

What a busy, fun filled weekend!

AmyT said...

awlll the pics are cute! love u

Jill said...

Sounds like lots of fun, girly-girl activities... my kind of weekend. I really love it that you put huge bows in Kennedy's hair... too cute!