Wednesday, May 6, 2009


What a very special day it is May 6, 2009 a year ago today 3 little miracles of God where born into the world!



Happy Birthday Payne, Bennett and EmmaRae! We love you very much!


AmyT said...

awwllll happy birthday triplets!!!!

petrii said...

Okay so seriously Abbi, that is cuteness on a blanket!!!

So sweet ~~ Happy Birthday!!!

Have a Blessed evening,

MiMi said...

What beautiful miracles!

Happy Birthday, Payne, Bennett and EmmaRae!

♥..Kim said...

How precious! Happy Birhtday Babies!

Traci said...

Ok, I just read this and it makes me cry! Looking at those pictures takes me back and I can remember how scared I was but also secure in knowing God had a plan! Thank you for being such a wonderful BFFE! I love you!!!!!!

Robin said...

wow.......Luke and Taylor's 1st birthday too! they were born 9:25 and 9:26PM

writing4612 said...

Awww. How adorable! I'm a twin. What can I say? Good things come in small packages!