Friday, May 15, 2009

A full day!

Thursday at work I wasn't busy in the afternoon so I took full advantage of it! I took the afternoon off and decided to have a play day with Kennedy! Park day had fell on Thursday this week so we started off by heading to the park! I do have to add that it was smokin hot outside!

All of the babies!!

After park day we headed over to my mom's for Kennedy's first swim of the summer!! Let's just say she LOVED it! She had NO fear of the water! After getting super tired of chasing her around the pool we filled up a bucket that entertained her for a while!

Check out her crack!! I LOVE it!!!

After an afternoon at the pool Kennedy was wore slap out and took a 3 hour nap!! yay!!

She woke and Granny Shirley, Kate and went to pick the peaches off the peach tree! That's what so nice about livin in the country walk out your front door and we have instant entertainment!

Kate and Kennedy!

Then we had one last event of my good friends Suzann is expecting a little girl, so we had to go to the baby shower!! Oh how I do love baby showers! Not only because of the cute little clothes and new little toys....I LOVE the cake!!!!!

Yummy!! All of that icing! ...and I requested a corner piece!! I loved the saying on the cake "Hello mommy goodbye tummy!!

The beautiful mommy to be! Can you believe she's do in July!!!?? She looks great!!

I guess he wanted to be part of the pic too!!!


Jill said...

What a fun day! Isn't funny how a bucket of water can be so entertaining?

AmyT said...

awlll the pics turned out so cute!!!! Love the bucket!

Hollie said...

the saying on that cake is funny...never heard that before!

Suzanne said...

I'm so glad you took a few pics...I'm a ding dong and don't remember anything anymore. Your the best Abbi!!! Thanks again!!!

The Pickett's said...

She is too cute!
The bucket is a great idea! :)

Mandy Rose said...

Cute pictures!! Love the butt crack!

writing4612 said...

Love the pic of Kennedy in the bucket! My grandparents had a sliver tin tub that myuy brother and I would play in during the summer time. They also give us baths in it from time to time for fun.

All My Monkeys said...

I am so totally jealous of your peach trees. I don't think I have a yard big enough. And believe it or not, but they actually have a peach tree you can grow up here!