Thursday, March 19, 2009

Park Day!

First of all I want to thank all of you for your sweet comments and prayers!! It's great to know I friends hundreds of miles away praying for my sick little one! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Today Kennedy was feeling MUCH better! NO fever in 2 days!! Yeppy! Still not 100% but each day improves! We decided to head to the park today, figured it would be good to get some sunshine and play a little!

Kennedy and Anna

After the park we headed home and Kennedy crashed did mommy!!! Gosh it's sooooo much fun but it's A LOT of work!!!

I didn't feel like cooking so we (the parents and my friend Traci over at Raising Roberson's joined us too!) decided to head to the Okey! We seen some of our park buddies there also so i'm guess they were beat too! Traci, Payne, Bennet, me, Kennedy, EmmaRae and Grandaddy. Lets just say people were looking at us funny with ALL of these babies!! Kennedy and Daddy (this is his go-to smile!)Grandaddy and the girls!

This is just a tid bit of a side has nothing to do with my day or the park! I'm going to post this picture and I want to know if you see/notice anything in common?

Kennedy and Daddy have the same hair line!!!! I was looking threw my pictures and noticed this!!! Kennedy it looks like you got daddy's hair line!!


Casey said...

love those little sweet cheeks in the last pic.

TheVanzants said...

Too funny! Love your pictures - Kennedy's hat was too sweet - got to get Reese one of those :) If it goes missing, don't come looking for it at my house! Totally kidding.

Glad she's feeling better.

MiMi said...

So thankful that Kennedy is feeling much better and that she got to go to the park! I am seriously loving the hat! And yes, she DOES have her Daddy's hairline! (BTW...I love the "go-to" smile, too! (-:

And how proud does that Granddaddy look! Thanks for sharing the pictures and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

petrii said...

I'm so glad she is feeling better. I've been praying for ya'll and thinking about you. So glad to hear she's better.

And can I just say that she is the best dressed girl around. What a cute little outfit complete with hat. And I am thoroughly impressed you got her to keep it on =)

Have a Beautiful and Blessed first day of Spring,

Lea Liz said...

So glad Kennedy is feeling better! I love her little sun hat, she is just too cute!!

Kari said...

I still just love that hat. i hate i didn't get my camera out and take her cute picture :)

glad she's feeling better!

Robin said...

loving the hat........she keeps it on??

AmyT said...

she i so cute!!!!! order her extensions now abs!! lol love u!

Katy said...

Kennedy looks so dang cute! I'm loving that precious hat.