Monday, March 30, 2009

Mini vacation and a farewell goodbye!

This past weekend a very close friend of ours invited us to go on mini (free) vacation with them to Savannah, Georgia! We had been planning for a short while but the catch was the FREE word!! FREE, I know how exciting this is sounding to all of you and indeed it was but the catch was.......our friend is the county coroner (he works on dead and he was going to a coroner's convection! He had the room free for the weekend and asked us to join them! We decided what the heck!!! It will be fun to hang out with people that get to work on dead people.....interesting!!! (and that it was!!! but very fun too!) Me, Rob and Traci
This picture is very blury but if you can make out what's in the background it's a hearse!! I'm pretty sure every year at the convention they have this! For kicks they cut the top out of it and raise the flooring up and have tours going around Savannah! They've also cut out the top where you head sticks out and made a roo to go over it!!!! It was too funny!!!!

After we laughed about the hearse for a while we went to a place called Savannah Smiles. It was really neat! It was a dulling piano deal! A guy from our group that we're with thought it would be funny to tell they piano player it was my birthday....... It surely wasn't my Birthday and I new I was about to be completely embarrassed! Let's just say there version of "Happy Birthday is not the tradition version!"He wasn't the cutest thing either!!!!

Saturday we took the day to walk around and enjoy the beautiful scenery!

This was the neatest candy shop! We got to watch them make all kinds of homemade candy!! It was heaven for me!! I LOVE sweets!

This is just looks like a picture without a purpose but it has one! In the middle of that square is an X and on that X you can talk VERY soft and your voice will echo!! If you step off that X just a little it want echo! Only in that one spot!!

The rain came in Saturday night so we ate pizza and watched movies!! RELAXED....kidless!!

Sunday morning we got up and walked around a little more and of course done a little shopping and packed up to head home! We really enjoyed the luggage cart way to much!!!

That afternoon we had a going away party for Adam's cousin John. He's been in school/training for a while to become a border patrol officer! They're moving to New Mexico and will be missed very much! Keep this family in your thoughts and prayers!
Matt, John and Adam

Grammy and the grandbabies!

We had a very busy/fun filled weekend! Hope everyone had a great one too!


Jaime said...

lol.. I understand the Free thing.. you say that word and I'm there! lol! Looks like you guys had a blast... I still want to make it to Savannah... I heard it was so pretty up there!

Katie Lake said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend! I'm thinking the candy would have been my favorite part :)

TheVanzants said...

I wanna go away {insert my best 'whiny' voice} :)

Looks like ya'll had fun - :)

Jenn said...

How fun! Glad you had a good time. We LOVE Savannah! One of my favorite places!

AmyT said...

looks like you guys had a good time - glad you were able to go!

Justin and Jenn said...

Oh I'm jealous! We've been wanting to go to Savannah for so long! And I love dueling pianos! We have a piano bar here & it's my favorite place to fun! And if their b-day song is anything like the ones in Savannah, I'm sure you probably turned a little red! =)

Candice said...

What a crazy trip! I can't believe they have conventions like that. You definitely can't beat a free fun-filled weekend! I'm so glad you guys had a good time:)

Aspiemom said...

We used to have a friend who was a coroner. He had some great jokes! But it was hard when he was called out at all hours.

We went to Savannah for the first time last Sept. I remember that Candy Shop! We went on the carriage tour while there.

Next time you go to Savannah you need to go to the Dawg House Grille. It's FANTASTIC!

mandy rose said...

I love that you were riding the luggage cart!! Hilarious! Looks like your trip was worth it!!

Jill said...

Oooo... I love Savannah. I love the Savannah Candy Kitchen. Glad you had fun.

Lea Liz said...

I love savannah!! I have been in that candy store and loved it! I've saw the hearse tours too, no thanks!!! girl you always look sooo cute!!

Hollie said...

i'm still mad that you didn't shove me into your suitcase and take me with ya'll!! hahaaa!

glad you have a little weekend getaway. they do wonders for the soul, don't they? and i must say that i would have given my right arm to see you up on that stage at savannah smiles!!!