Friday, March 27, 2009

A bowl of ceral and a VERY strange spoon!

Last night I was watching tv (not really I was completely asleep) and my hubby is sitting beside me cracking up! He was laughing so hard it woke me up.....and might I add I was VERY upset at that!! I hate to be woke up! Finally, I turned of over to see what he was laughing only find out it was himself! He was eating a bowl of ceral with a spoon, well, of course I know your thinking you eat a bowl of ceral with a spoon but he took it to another level!!! I asked him "what on earth are you doing with that spoon?"

He replied "i couldn't find another one!"

I said "they're in the dishwasher!"

He says "ya, but I like this one!"

That goes on for a minute or two and I still couldn't figure out why the heck he wanted to eat with that spoon, but we did get a good laugh out of it! (And a blog worthy story!!!)


mandy rose said...

I got a good laugh out of that too! Soooo something my hubby would do!

petrii said...

Spoon, shovel, it all works!! Too funny!!! Just what I needed on a gloomy, waiting for snow in MO at the end of March, kind of day. Thanks for the laugh =)

Have a Blessed weekend,

Lea Liz said...

lol how funny!! That's something my hubby would do!!

AmyT said...

ha ha leave it to adam!!!!! yea I'm doing OK - just a yuck day at work. love u!!!

Megan said...

Hah! thats hillarious and sounds like something my hubby would do! Haha!

Jaime said...

lol.... that's so funny!!

Hey.. you won an award on my page... go check it out!!

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

Haha! That's hilarious, I love it!

♥..Kim said...

Ha! Too funny. Just like something my crazy husband would do. :)