Sunday, February 1, 2009

A whole different level!

Saturday we took four-wheeler riding to a totally different level! We normally try to ride at least once a month but it's hard when you have a little one. Anyways, we decided to go with a group that was taking a 55 mile riding trip. This isn't the riding we normally do, we normally only ride for a few hours and head home. This was going to be at least an 8 hour trip. I was pretty pumped about it!!! Ok.....back to the group... when I say group a mean convoy! I think there were about 30 of us that went and about 17 four-wheelers!
I do have to admit I have a hidden passion to be dirty and the thrill of the speed I do love very much.... but was different! It was braving the cold weather conditions (I think it got down to about 30 degrees) and the long ride. Meaning I don't have much cushion on the tale bone and once I got on there was NO turning back.
Excuse the blue in some of the pics! I hit some button on the camera and didn't figure it out until the trip was almost over! This is at the house before we left! And yes, those are my camo boots that are snake proof with my hot pink pants!
Adam putting on his boots!
Everyone that went riding!! ....Riding Dirty!!!! The Possie!When I said "convoy" I wasn't joking!! It was pretty funny, we took up the whole rode.

Me and TraciAbout 2 hours into the ride we had to stop to get something to eat! We're in a very, very small town and this was the ONLY place to eat! It's called "Shack by the track." Believe me it was a shack and it was by the railroad track! It was awesome! We pretty much took up the whole parking lot!

This my dear friends is the bathroom! It wasn't do to tough economic times......this is just the bathroom! Is this legal????!!!!!! Needless to say i'm a girl and I always have to go so, I did use it!
It's really hard to make out but on the porch was a sink and this is where you washed your hands!!! Shack by the track style!!
After the sun went down the temperature dropped fast! This is me and Traci trying to get her suit on! We brought our snow skiing clothes! They really worked out good! They kept us pretty warm.
It was so funny because all you could see was just everyones eyes!! Adam undone his jacket just for the pick but I didn't want to take my gloves off then put them back on!

Traci, Rob and Andrew.

We had such a good time except for the we got home about midnight and left around one o'clockish!! It was awesome!


AmyT said...

awlll looks like fun...I would have froze though!!! love u!

Jaime said...

Those are sooo much fun!!! We did those quite a lot back before I got pregnant with Zane... we actually went to The Shack by the Tracks a few times too, lol! Glad you guys had fun!!

Mrs. Bell said...

ooh,, i bet your were freezing,, but it looks like you had a blast..

SHACK by the TRACk is amazing isnt it..

Well minus the bathroom situation, lol..

petrii said...

How stinkin' cute are you girl? I would so love to do somthing like this, although with my very crazy self - I'd had to wear a helmet, just the way I roll. I know where's the adventure in that? =)

I love you adventuresome spirit. And man what a possie indeed!!! Seriously Track by the Shack needs to take a clue from modern technology, or is the roughness the appeal of it all? lol

So glad you had fun. I bet you can't wait to get Kennedy out there!! Okay I've rambled on long enough =)

Have a Blessed week,

Katy said...

Looks like you guys had fun!

Katy said...

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The Skeltons in the closet said...

I am sooo jealous glad you had a good time and the Shack by the Track is some good eats and the best ice cream. One day we will do it day