Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bag Tag!

I've actually been tagged twice for the bag tag but i'm just now getting around to doing it! Thank you very much Jill from Peeptoe Pumps and Pearls and Amy at lets talk Thompism! Thank you soooo much!

This the pusrse my mom got me for Christmas and I will say i'm still carrying it! I used to be very fashion forward with purses and changed them with every outfit, but after having Kennedy i've changed A LOT! Now I just stick with one for a while then change it out after I get bored with it! Which it takes a while now because I really don't pay attention to what color it is or what it looks like, all I care about now it what's in it like: a cup, napkins, snacks, maybe a spare diaper and maybe an extra shirt!!!!! I'm sure a lot of you mom's do the same thing!!!


Jill said...

Love your purse. It's very classy!

petrii said...

That purse goes from outfit to outfit I say. So Cute!!!!! And as long as it has an extra diaper -- it's a keeper =)

Have a Blessed week dear one,

AmyT said...

hee hee - I know what you are saying!!!!! I still carry whipes and snacks...and they go in the purse...along with hand sanitizer! It gets a tad bit better! love you!