Sunday, February 8, 2009

I didn't know we're that REDNECK!

Saturday I worked a half day and got home around noon. It was a nice day out so me and Kennedy went out for a stroll in her wagon.
We went to Granny's for a few and played then mommy got a little tired from pulling her so we took a break for a little while. Daddy was working on his beater (an old truck he's working to drive around) and he had the seat pulled out! Never the less it was the perfect seat to sit on. At dinner I was showing my mom the pictures of Kennedy riding in her wagon and this was the next picture.......She started laughing sooooo hard! I said "what?".......She just looked at me and laughed again and said, "Abbi that's so redneck! What were yall doing and why was the truck seat in the yard?" Needless to say I started laughing too and realized how funny it looked.....and thankfully we don't live near the road so no one noticed!!!!!

After we ate dinner we went over to lowes to look at closet organizers for my closet and this is how Kennedy road around in the store!After we finished shopping we headed out to the car and the we noticed there was water springing up out of the ground. I'm not sure what was going on but it looked like there sprinkler system went crazy and water was going everywhere.

It's hard to see but it was surely springing out of the ground! All of a sudden Adam comes up with this crazy (totally redneck idea) and says "look free car wash! Lets drive through it then we want have to wash the car." I did think to myself it is a pretty good idea! He proceeds to get into the car and drive through it!.......and what I do? Go for the camera!Again, it's not a great picture but you get the idea!


Mandy Rose said...

Ok, I am not sure what is more redneck...Kennedy on the truck seat or driving thru the free car wash. Either way, both are freakin Hysterical!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was dying laughing. Thank you for that.

Justin and Jenn said...

The free car wash sounds exactly like something my husband would do.

Katie Lake said...

Hahaha you're hilarious. That's a super cute picture of you and Kennedy in the wagon.

petrii said...

hahahahahahahahaha heeheeheehee

Ya'll are the cutest rednecks I've ever seen!!!

Have a Blessed week friend,

Mrs. Cup said...

That is hilarious!!!

AmyT said... guys are too funny!! you never know what adam is going to come up with!!!! love u!

Jill said...

I love Kennedy's ride around Lowes. Too cute.

I'm all about a free car wash too... good idea.

AmyT said...

I tagged u!

Hollie said...

girl you know we're about as red as they come!
you know kate and ki ki will be cruisin' in the john deere truck!

MiMi said...

What darling pictures! Kennedy is just adorable and I loved all the pictures.

Thank you so much for your comment on my "What If" post. God has definitely been doing a work in my life recently on this subject of "fear"! It seems that everywhere I turn the last few days it has been another reminder that I am not to fear! I am to trust Him completely!

I hope that you are having a wonderful Monday and, BTW....there's nothing wrong with being a little redneck! (-;

Robin said...

cute pics....and that belly might have been cute then...but it was massive and not so cute by the time the babies were cooked. :)

Jenny.Lee said...

Oh my goodness that is adorable!!!

Chelsey said...

That seat is hilarious!