Sunday, January 18, 2009

Happy first birthday Kennedy! (part 1)

Kennedy is feeling much better today! Thank you all for all of your comments and prayers, we really appreciate them.
Saturday morning before the party she had to be at the doctor for a recheck. Her fever was still pretty high and her blood levels were still increased. The doctor was pretty concerned about her blood work and thought about keeping her! A mom's worse nightmare! Your little one in the hospital and not to mention on her birthday! She decided just let us go home keep monitoring her fever and watch her closely! So we headed to the party!!! We got done just in time to change Kennedy's outfit and head straight there!
I couldn't have asked for a better party! My parents had to get EVERYTHING set up and ready because we had to be at the doctors office! My parents are the best! They managed to have everything ready when we go there and we didn't have to do anything! Thanks mom and dad!
We had such a good turn out! Pretty much all the food was ate and we had just a little cake left over (which is fine by me! I think i've had it for breakfast and lunch today!!!).

Sense Kennedy has been sick, she's really gotten attached to this monkey! I love it! I've always wanted her to have an animal or blanket that she clung to! She takes it every where now!

Kennedy and her Grammy (and monkey!)

Trying to keep it low key and pretty much I would call it all family there were like 60 people who came! Kennedy has A LOT of people who love her!
One of Kennedy's future boyfiends!!!! Payne and Bennett.

She really didn't eat much of her cake or put her hands in it! I tried to make her but she didn't really want to have anything to do with it! Which was fine by me, her outfit stayed!

Kennedy and Grammy!

Me, ames and the kids!Kennedy and Grandaddy.

Kennedy was feeling still feeling a little under the weather but we had a great time! Happy Birthday Kennedy!


Caffeine Court said...

Wow. Look at her! So cute. Just think, in about 9 years she'll be asking you what a "Calm Down" is! :)

Chitown Meg said...

Looks like a great 1st birthday. Glad to hear she's feeling better! :) I'll keep you posted to any unusual parties or imporant people ;)

Mandy Rose said...

What a great turn out! So glad to hear she was feeling a lil better for her party!! And it's official...her and P may be soul mates....he carry's his CG monkey every where we go!

Love all the pics! And I know I already said this in a previous comment...but I am still dying over her ADORABLE birthday attire!

Katy said...

I'm glad you all had a great time, she looked adorable! So, did the dr. figure out what was wrong with her? Viral probably, they always say that.

petrii said...

I am so sorry Kennedy is still sick. I will add her to my prayer list this week. What a GREAT birthday party!!! She definitely is a well-loved baby!!

Have a Blessed week,

Mrs. Cup said...

How cute!!! Looks like yall had a great time. Glad she's feeling better!

Becky said...

Hi Abbi;

Thanks for stopping by my blog today. Your little Kennedy is just adorable. Today is my middle grandson's 3rd birthday. We celebrated yesterday.

Hope Kennedy is feeling better.

Come back and visit real soon.

TheVanzants said...

Been praying for Miss Kennedy! I'm glad she was feeling better for her party. She looked like an absolute doll!! Loved her outfit and her sweet monkey. Reese has that monkey but has now gotten attached to a baby doll. I'm just like you - I was wanting her to get attached to something - I think that's so sweet!

AmyT said...

I'm glad it turned out good..she was soooo cute!! Hope she is feeling better!! love u!!

Lea Liz said...

What a doll!!!!!!!!! I LOVE her birthday outfit!!! Hope she is feeling better!!

Katie Lake said...

I LOVE the picture with her sitting on the table and the tower of cupcakes- so darn cute!

Candice said...

I'm so glad that Kennedy felt better for her birthday party! I hope she continues to feel better. Keep us updated on what you find out from the doctor. She looked absolutely adorable at her party...and so happy! You a such a great mom!

Thanks for the encouragement on my "wake up call" post. It helps so much to hear that. And your idea for the afternoons is excellent. I'm really going to try that!