Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Birthday mom!

I should get the biggest slacker award because i haven't posted in a while! I'm pretty excited though because i've gotten 2 awards sense i've last blogged!! yeppy!!! That's what my next post will be about!!
Saturday night me and my whole family went to outback for my mothers 55th birthday! (mom don't be mad about me telling everyone how old you are!)Happy Birthday mommy! I love you very much and you mean the world to me! Ok.....back to Saturday night..... We rarely get a chance for all of us to get together because our work schedules are all so busy. When I say WHOLE family I mean everyone including kids! I remember why we don't do it very often....KIDS....that prerry much says it all!! If you have kids you know what I mean! The wait wasn't to long but Kennedy is at the age where sitting down isn't in her top 5 of things to do! It really wasn't bad but it I now know why we don't go to dinner very often!! I think she ende up in my lap pretty much the whole time!! All in all, it was a really good time!
Grammy and Grandaddy with Braxton, Kennedy, Memphis and Brylee.
Happy Birthday mom!!Jessica, me, mom and Ames

On another note, check out this cute outfit Kennedy's aunt Traci got her for her birthday. She wore it to church today!


Jill said...

Kennedy's dress is darling. I love the red bow in her hair.

Lea Liz said...

Love Kennedy's new outfit!!!! Sooo cute!!! Love the picture of you two going to church, your outfit is cute!!! You look great!!

AmyT said...

I had so much fun!!! It's just so hard - it gets a "little" easier....ha ha yea right!!! lol LOVE U

Katy said...

You and Kennedy both look fabulous. Happy b-day to your mom!

Is Kennedy doing better?

petrii said...

Your mom is so pretty!! Happy B-day to her. And that Kennedy is just THE cutest!!! What a sweet dress and I love yours to in that last picture -- so cute!!!!!

Have a Blessed evening,

becky said...

I love and miss you and your mommy so much.