Friday, December 19, 2008

Things that I'm REALLY excited about

This time of year there are so many things that make me excited but what I love most is......
1. Receiving Christmas cards. I really get excited when I go and check the mail to find a Christmas card. What makes it even more exiting is when I receive a picture too!
2. This year was our first family Christmas card. I couldn't wait until Christmas time so we could do this.

3. These Christmas Pajamas! My mom has a tradition every year that she buys us all new pajamas for Christmas and this year Kennedy got her first set! them!

These are just a few things that really make Christmas exciting for me! It's really just the small stuff, some traditions and some new things!


Dana said...

We tape up all of our cards around the doorway; I *love* it!! :)

Your card turned out cute...and I started a tradition of "allowing" Darci to open on gift on xmas's always jammies :) Of course, this is the first year she's remembered it!!

Amanda-The Family News! said...

I have really wanted to start the new pajama tradition too...i think it's neat!!!

ourprecious4 said...

Oh I love her pjs!! I know about the card thing... its soo fun! Especially the picture ones.
I have heard about the pj tradition, and I think that we are going to start that one. I just think it sounds sooo fun.
Hey, stop by our blog, we are doing a drawing thing, all you have to do is say Hey! and your name is in. Its for a really awesome devotional. It ends Sunday so pass the word!
Talk to you soon,

AmyT said...

awwll sissy too cute!!!! I love cards too!! I love you!