Monday, December 8, 2008

Never long enough!

So, the weekend flew by as usual! I always have these great goals of getting things done and there NEVER seems to be enough time! Well, it's probably because I really don't make time. Normally it's household stuff, such as, cleaning the blinds, scrubbing the bath tub, laundry and I still have some unpacking to do, but really who wants to do these things on the weekend?! Or during the week!!

Iopted to skip these things and drag out some of my Christmas decor! Here it is
almost the middle of December and I still don't have a tree up yet! Better yet, I sent my husband to the shed to search for it and it wasn't there! You see, last Christmas I was pregnant and in the pit of range of packing all of the ornaments back up and the tree (by myself, 9 months pregnant) I think I might have decided to toss it out! I remember thinking we'll need a new one
next year because our living room will be larger! So, now I think I need to go buy a tree! Just lovely!

We did go to the local Christmas parade Saturday and it was a huge let down! I think there were maybe 30 people there. Obviously, we didn't know how lame it would be sense we're the only dorks REALLY excited about it! I did get a few cute pics!

Kate and her famous smile!!

Might would have been cute if I could

We had our Christmas play at church last night so, I decided to dress Kennedy up! She looked so cute!

All in all it was a great weekend just never long enough!


AmyT said...

it never is long enough! I can't believe you threw out your tree!! lol sounds like something I would do....much easier! LOL the pics turned out cute..Kennedy is such a cutie!!! LOVE YOU SISSY!!

Dana said...

I didn't know there was a Christmas Parade in Hilliard!

Mrs. Cup said...

What cute pictures!!

Teresa said...

Adorable! By the way, I LOVE your hair dark.

Austin and Michelle said...

Kennedy is so adorable! Your new color looks great! I'm actually thinking of going dark myself, what color do you use?

Austin and Michelle said...

Love your pics! Kennedy is adorable. I love your new color, what did you use? I'm wanting to go darker myself, and I want to choose the right one!