Thursday, December 11, 2008

A few days in one!

I always seem to just be a few days behind in blogging so, then I have to cram all my happenings into one blog! I say " happenings" like I have a lot of interesting things goin on! Nothing to exciting well, maybe a little to me!
Tuesday Night.
Tuesday night was LNO, and need I say more! I think LNO (ladies night out) is the high light of my month! I love it! I really look foward to the girls night out but what I look foward to most is the word of God that Rhonda brings! Rhonda done some stomping on the toes a little or should I say God did! How come he knows exactly what you need to hear? (dumb queston b/c he know's all) Anyway, the topic was on respect. Respecting your siblings, Respecting your spouse and Respecting your childs heart. She spoke for about an hour or so but it flew by! I find myself thinking "it's over already, but I need to hear more!" I love that feeling, I love that i'm so eager to guid our child in God's path! It's so exciting and scary all at the same time!
Mom took us girls from work to do a little Christmas shopping and to by us our Christmas gifts from her! We got some really great deals and I managed to stay focused and got MOST of my Christmas shopping done! I have a few more things to buy and i'll be set!


TheVanzants said...

Enjoyed Tuesday night so much! Can't wait for the next one...

Mrs. Cup said...

I'm jealous! I still have so much shopping to do!!

Mrs. Bell said...

Hey love.. SOOO,, good job at making me miss working their more than ever.. I miss all of you sooo much!! =(

Your baby girl is sooo precious.. Ahh i love them chunky thighs..

Where and when is LNO?? It sounds like fun..


Jaime said...

lol... I haven't even started Christmas shopping!! How sad is that!

I'm with Brittany, where and when is LNO?? Can anyone go?

AmyT said...

it has been forever since i've logged on....i've got a lot to catch up on!!! i can't wait to see you next week!!! i love you and miss you..and i'm jealous i have got so much shopping to do!!!!!!

AmberDenae said...

I love lessons like that as well!

Yay for getting a lot of your shopping done! :)