Monday, November 24, 2008

Lingering cold

I would say that today was a typical Monday! Stressful! NO sleep, running late, forgot to charge the cell phone, had nothing to wear and then I couldn't find Kennedy's shoe! So on top of all of that, for the past three weeks my little has had a cold and we took her to the doctor once again, and of course they said "can't really find anything wrong, lets just let it run its course.

Well, you know what i'm about sick of hearing that! I would say we're up every hour last night with her coughing, her nose pouring and with her just being miserable. So, I vowed I would give it one more day of "it running its course" and then some doctor is going to hear an upset mother Tuesday moring! Please pray that she'll get better!
Me rambling about a minor cold and how terrible it is, i'm truely blest! My husbands high school friend and his wife just recently had a baby and was diagnoed with cystic fibrosis! He's 4 weeks old! Please pray for them. This is there first child and they're scared! Adam, also has another friend that has a 2 week old who just had open heart surgery. The left side of they heart isn't functioning. Please keep these two little ones in your prayers. It's the Miller and Warren families.


Mandy Rose said...

Oh I can't even imagine having to go through those things. I will keep the family's in my prayers. I hope your lil one fights the cold soon!!! I know frustrating that can be! TRULY!

Mrs. Cup said...

Praying for those families, but also for yours! Hope this nasty cold goes away! :)

AmyThompson said...

awll that is terrible - I will kept them in my prayers! Don't worry Kennedy will get better, it does get aggravating! That is why I LOVE my ol' country doctor! He tells me yesterday Braxton has the crud - he gave him refills...enough for the whole fam! He rocks! Hope Kennedy feels better!!! Can't wait to see you Thursday! I LOVE YOU!

Teresa said...

She is a doll!!!!

ourprecious4 said...

I will be praying for those families. I was told by the head of the Special Ed. Department here that Families who find out that their child has a disability or major health problem go through the exact emotional grieving pattern as those who have lost children. Ever since then that has shed a totally different light on my praying for those families.
Keep us posted!
Will be praying for your little darling, that she will get over this soon!