Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Yesterday, I turned the big 2-4! I know it doesn't sound old but time sure does fly by! I really didn't do to much but my mom always cooks me a birthday dinner and it was awesome.
We had cake, steak, cake, mac n cheese, (my favorite) and did I say CAKE!! If you really know me you know I LOVE CAKE! I would have rather had the cake than the food! Not to mention it was old school feti.....that's my favorite too! It was the best birthday dinner ever!
My hubby sent me these beautiful flowers at work, and if you've ever gotten flowers at work you feel so special.
Today me and the girls from work went to the town center to do a little shopping for my birthday. Of course I had to pick up something for the little one and I think I bought her as much as I bought myself!
I love these! I can't wait to squeeze her chubby self in them!!
Us girls from work and Traci.

We not only ate at the cheesecake factory for lucnh we made a second round for cheesecake AGAIN! We figured we walked off the first set of calories so would could eat dessert again!

I want give a special thanks to my sissy Amy (Time with the Thompson's and she's on my blog) who wrote this beautiful poem for my birthday. She has to be the bestest sissy in the world! I love her sooooo much!!! Thanks Amy!!!! I love you!


Rebecca Taylor said...

Happy birthday!!! I'm glad you had a wonderful day!

Dana said...

Happy Birthday!

Mandy Rose said...

Funfetti is my ABSOLUTE FAV!! I make funfetti cupcakes atleast once a month.:) I usually try to take them to work so I don't overload on them and become 600 lbs! Happy Birthday!

AmyThompson said...

you are more than welcome!!!! I LOVE YOU!

TheVanzants said...

happy birthday :)
i just turned 24, but def don't feel it! Time does fly by!

Stephanie and Adam said...

Hey Abbi! I'm so glad you found me! Thanks for your sweet comment. I've been meaning to get a hold of you anyways, I need your address anyways, I have a card for you! :)

Oh, and Happy Birthday!