Sunday, November 2, 2008


Now, I know all of you are thinking that this looks just like my old high school pic.! Maybe early 90's or late 80's!I looked back at my sis old senior pick and realized we really look alike!! Lets see, what makes this picture obvouis???!!!

1. The hair!!! I really enjoyed creating the hair! I never really got to style my hair this way so it was pretty fun to me! Lots of hair spray!!!

2. The smiley faced t-shirt. Now I know that everyone has had one or a ying yang shirt!

3. The scrunchy pulling the shirt to the side! I think I did have one in every color growing up!

4. The socks!! Need I say more??? I'm suprised we didn't have circulation issues from wearing so many pairs at one time!

5. The pants!! I had leggings, tights, stirrup pants, and biker shorts to match everything!

6. The makeup!! Who could resist that blue eyeshadow and that pink lipstick!

7. DID I MENTION THE HAIR!! That had to be my favorite part!

I forgot to mention we dressed up at work for Halloween!! We really had a great time! All of my clients really got a kick out of it!!! The other girls I work with dressed up as a nerd, an old lady and Fran Dresser's mom off of the Nanny!

Kennedy's first Halloween was kinda a let down! I forget she's really not at the age where it's easy! She hated her costume! She started the night off being a cowgirl! She had a cap gun, boots (which were her daddy's from when he was a baby!), a skirt, hat and this really cute western style shirt! Lets just say she kept kicking the boots off and taking her hat off! To me thats what made the costume! Then we headed off to a hay ride with aunt Hollie, Kate and uncle Matt! That was a disaster! It was freezing. I just by the end of the night she was going to have some kind of sickness. So, we opted to ditch the hay ride (so did aunt Hollie and family) and to head back to where the food was! It really wasn't practical for a baby anyway! We made a quick pit stop and done a quick costume change and Kennedy turned into a Ladybug! My wonderful sissy (Amy) had bought it for her, but I didn't think it was going to be cold enough considering last Halloween it was 85 degrees here! So, it ended up being perfect! I put it on her and got a few picks of her first Halloween!

All in all, it ended being a great day and we had a blast!


Amanda-The Family News! said...

How fun!! WOW at the costume. I can remember my older sister dressing like this and I SO wanted to be her....uh, what was I thinking???
And, sorry Kennedy wasn't feeling the cowgirl outfit...looks cute, but she is just learning young that it's fashinable to change outfits at least once during the night!!!! What a sweetie!!!

Rebecca Taylor said...

I love all of the pictures!!

AmyThompson said...

ha ha I love it!! AHHH the "cheese" we sprayed in our hair LOL!! The good ol days! Or what now I refer to as "the cobra" LOL

Kennedy was a cutie!!!!! I LOVE YOU SISSY!!

The Libby's said...

I love the ladybug outfit!!