Thursday, January 27, 2011

Happy Birthday to a very special Lady

Kennedy and my mom's Birthday are in the same week so that week we celebrate their Birthday's pretty much everyday!
Starting with our work party.
We went and ate some Japanese...our favorite!

Then the family celebration.
We decided this year to not include the kids and make it an adult night. We had dinner then went to a movie. Normally we have dinner and then we're all exhausted from chasing our children then we go home. This year it was so relaxing. We really enjoyed each other and I think we might have started a tradition!
Mom and Dad

This was the high lite of the night!
My brother in-law is quite a joke stir....he had this blanket made for my Mom!! Too funny huh??!!!

My brother David and his wife Jess.

This pictured blurred but I still LOVE it!
Me and my sissy Amy

Us girls and the Birthday Girl!
Love you very much Mom!!


MiMi said...

All you girls are so beautiful! Looks like ya'll had a lot of fun.

Happy Birthday to your Mom!

petrii said...

Oh Abbi,
Y'all look like you had such a nice time.

Have a Blessed evening,

AmyT said...

had so much fun!! love u!

AmyT said...

had so much fun!! love u!