Saturday, December 11, 2010

Still not SO sure about Santa

This past week we took Kennnedy to see Santa. With a little one you NEVER know how they're going to react.
A little recap from last year.........
She wasn't fond of him at all. So, the Santa picture pretty much became a family picture.

With high hopes this year, we've been talking about Santa sense December 1.
Well, we went to the same place we go every year (a very small, low key mall). We walk into the mall to see Santa singing some of his finest tunes....LOL!!! It was hilarious. Kennedy loved it.

After that wonderful melody of songs it was our turn.....or should I say we were the people in line. She immediately told Santa what she wanted "A big Barbie house!" and then she was done. That was it. No more contact for her. She kinda bolted after she said what she wanted. Adam tried to do some convincing to get her to sit in his lap.

Didn't happen! Another family photo with Santa.

Tomorrow we're off to Disney! Woohooo! Me, Kennedy, my Mom, my b/f and her kids. I'm SOOOO excited.


AmyT said...

the pics turned out great!!!!! have fun love u!

Carrie said...

We are so with you! Allie Claire was not feelin' Santa this year either.

petrii said...

How cute is this? That Kennedy is just too funny!!!

Have fun at Disney and take LOTS of pics.

Love ya girl!!

Have a Blessed time,