Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Disney, Cookie Making and Parties

All in a weeks time I tell ya!
Between last Wednesday to this Wednesday we've managed to go to Disney, attend 2 Christmas parties and go to a cookie party all in a week. What a week!

Here is a recap!

Disney Trip
We took our annual Disney trip at the beginning of last week.
Me, my mom, my bf and her mother and our kids went.
We brought along my niece for extra help because our husbands weren't able to tend due to work.
So, 4 kids (2 yrs. old) and 4 adults. We had a crew. We figured if we had 1 to 1 we could handle it.
The plan was 2 parks and Mickey's Very Merry Christmas party.
Well, we only done one park because it was SUPER cold and Bennett came down with bronchitis. Instead of the 2 parks for the kids we just hung out at down town Disney for a bit. Then chilled the rest of the day.

Rain Forest Cafe.

It was SO cold we bought ski jackets for the kids.

Ms. Beverly and Mom

Magic Kingdom
All bundled up.

Getting ready to watch the parade.

We had a great time....well, minus the super cold weather. I think I may have jinxed myself. Last year it was 90 degrees so this year I prayed for cold weather.....I got it!! LOL!
The high the whole time we're there was 5o degrees.

Christmas cookie decorating party.
Last year we missed the 1st annual Christmas cookie decorating party because we're out of town. This year we weren't going to miss it.
My sis in-law has hosted this event for the past 2 yrs. and what a hit it is.
She bakes the cookies and we bring the goodies to decorated them. The kids absolutely LOVED it.

The cookies were adorable but I wouldn't say they were eatable! Especially, with all the finger licking going!
We'll be putting those out for Santa.

Christmas Sunday.
I'm like a little kid still. I still buy a Christmas dress and now of course I have to get Kennedy one. This year Mom/Meme made Kennedy's. It has some sentimental value to it. Kennedy, Grandaddy and Meme

Christmas party #1
Nanny Shirley and Papa T's house (Adam's side of the family).
The Taylor party was pretty low key. We had desserts and just a great time fellow shipping. Oh and of course presents....Kennedy's favorite part!
Hollie and Hamp

I can't wait until Christmas. Kennedy is going to love it this year. She loved opening presents.

Aunt Shane and the girls.

Me, our niece Brittany and Hollie.

Christmas party #2
Last night we celebrated my mom's side of the family Christmas party.
Can we say......the family has multiplied the past 3 yrs.?!
This is the group minus most of the kids (who are playing in the play room like bunch of wild banshees!). It really makes it fun with all of the family. It's wild, crazy and super loud but I wouldn't change a thing!
Some of my favorite gals.

Aunt Alexis, Aunt Debbie and mom.

Hannah and 5wk old Gracie.

Anna and Lux

All of the great grands.
I'm pretty sure theirs 16. Some weren't in the picture.
16 and counting that is. Our family seems to be growing more and more every year. My cousin has a little on the way in the spring. WOW!!

Melissa (the cousin that is expecting) and me.
All of the girls in the family. day i'll get a good picture with my husband without him making a crazy face.
For now, I guess i'll take what i can!
Hope everyone has a VERY Merry Christmas and God bless.

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University of Iowa Meg said...

Wow- You must be the best dressed mom and daughter team ever! I'm jealous. Got any tips?? I'm childless and still can't seem to keep myself together ;)